Unfinished Projects

I was going through some fabric and totes this morning to see just what I had and how to use it and I WAS SHOCKED!

Not only do I have some small projects that I started before Christmas, but I have some MAJOR projects that immediately went on my “bucket list” for 2022 that have been waiting for 5-20 years! I’m almost ashamed of myself but I do intend to finish them this year before I start any new ones except for the one I started last night.

These are gnome ornaments I made for family and friends for Christmas this year. I worked on them at night while watching TV. The ones at the bottom are not finished because I had enough for gifts, so I stuck them away. It will literally take me 10 minutes to finish the little buggers.
I love the full front aprons and was planning to make these for gifts but ran out of time. I have the fabric and they will be finished by December 31, 2022.
I have three body pillows in this house and three pillowcases for them. I need to make at least three more and I do have the fabric for them.
My redwork quilt is pieced and all it needs is the backing. I forget about the backing when I’m looking for fabric and that hasn’t happened for over two years now because I don’t shop! One excuse is as good as another, don’t you think! 🙂
In 2011, I retired from the insurance company I had worked for for 17 years and the wonderful ladies I worked with in the county and district gave me a going away party and this was one of the gifts I was presented but I still haven’t got to it yet. I love all of those ladies and we are all friends.
My husband bought me a embroidery machine several years ago for Christmas and I love using it and one of the first projects I started (and haven’t finished) is a snowman quilt. I only have a few more blocks to embroider and then piece and quilt!! I’m thinking a blue fabric with white snowflakes.
I think I’ve blogged about this one a couple years ago and it still isn’t finished. It’s burgundy and green blocks of lots of different patterns. It takes time and my head has to be on right to figure out the correct measurements for the blocks.
I loved these colors when I started it before we moved to this farm. In the move it was packed away and just found recently and I do have all of the fabric packed with it.
I love this pattern and I hope my daughter is patient waiting for it!! The pattern was used on another quilt I made and thought this would make a beauty!
My granddaughter started this quilt when she was a teenager but didn’t finish and I’m going to finish it for her and one for our grandson too!
My granddaughter’s friend Allison started this one but alas it did not get finished either but maybe someday I’ll finish it for her because she does love bear hunting.
These are yards of quilted fabric I purchased to make me some handbags and totes.
The pattern for the handbags is quite simple, I just need to sit down and do it.

And with all of these projects, what did I do last night? I started an English Paper Piecing quilt pattern called “Grandmother’s Garden”. I can get this one done while sitting in front of the TV with hubby every night.

English Paper Piecing When the quilt is finished, I’ll tell more about it.

There’s a few more I found this morning, but it makes me sad thinking about how there is to finish BEFORE I start anything new!!!!

Re-purpose granddaughters jeans

Back in the early spring my granddaughter brought me some of her jeans that she grew UP out of and asked me to make her capris and shorts out of.  It took one after noon to do four pair of them and I think she was very pleased.  Here’s the picture steps I took:


First, I had her try then on wrong side out and show me where she wanted them to hit below her knee and we pinned the mark.
First, I had her try then on wrong side out and show me where she wanted them to hit below her knee and we pinned the mark.


Then I cut them off about 3/4" below the pin.
Then I cut them off about 3/4″ below the pin.


Next I trimmed the inseams to a thickness that would be easier on my sewing machine needle.  Denim folded several times will break a needle in quick order.

Next I trimmed the inseams to a thickness that would be easier on my sewing machine needle. Denim folded several times will break a needle in quick order.



Now, I iron the 1/4 inch turn down all the way around the leg on both legs.  Then I press another 1/2″ turn down on both legs.  I press both legs at the same time to make sure the hems are going to be even.

The next few pics show how I use the machine to sew the hems.  I used other pants she wanted hemmed for instruction purposes because denim is hard to hold in place and take a picture at the same time.


1/2" seam
1/2″ seam

1/4 " seam
1/4 ” seam

Slow down on the thick sections.
Slow down on the thick sections.

After the hems are finished, turn the pants inside out and press with steam and then the turn them right side out and press with steam.  The steam helps set the hem.  On some of the jeans I made double rows of hem stitches and on some we zigzagged the hem with different colors of thread to dress them up a little.    We repurpose a lot!!  😉

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