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New roses are growing

I truly love roses and am trying so hard to make them grow and survive our mountain farm.  In the spring I found a wonderful buy at Breck’s for five roses for $19.99 and they were bare root roses.  When they arrived they were already showing lots of new growth but I was afraid to plant them because we were still getting freezing temps day and night several days in a row.  Finally in early May, hubby helped me dig the holes and we put them in the ground with two tablespoons of epsom salts and lots of water. DSCN5366






I watered them every day May through mid-June and we started getting some rain.  Now I water them thoroughly once or twice a week depending on the rain. They are doing quite well and all but one has bloomed and it’s still sprouting new growth.  I’m watching it carefully and giving it lots of love!  Here’s proof of the blooming:








Now, I started this post in June and here it is the 8th of August and (more about that later)  here’s what my beautiful roses have done all summer:
























I’m dealing with some japanese beetles and some black spot which seems to be worse with all the rain we’re getting but I’m thrilled I’ve kept them alive, they’re blooming and so beautiful.  I just have to keep them through the winter.  New post coming with the rest of the flowers flourishing this summer!!  

Weekend gratification

What an awesome long weekend I just had (Memorial Day Weekend).  I worked my tail off but the end results were so gratifying.  On Thursday afternoon and evening of last week, I moved everything off my front porch and swept down the walls, porch floor and steps.  Then I took a very stiff brush with a long handle and knocked down all the debris from spiders and other bugs and peeling paint from the ceiling and walls.  I worked until dark but even got it all mopped with a solution of two gallons of water, 1/2 cup of bleach and a cup of laundry detergent.  It still looked pretty rough but it smelled good and there were no more spiders and their nasty webs.  The wind was blowing about 20-25 miles an hour so I knew the porch would dry by the next day when I would start painting.  Here’s my “before” pictures:

Before the cleaning 05232014 (21)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (19)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (20)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (18)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (14)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (13)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (12)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (11)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (10)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (8)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (6)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (4)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (3)

Before the cleaning 05232014 (2)


On Friday morning I took a trip with my beautiful daughter to Roanoke/Salem area and we visited four spots looking for flowers for my gardens, stands, gazebo and porch.  We had such a great and much overdue trip together.  Those beauties will be shown in another post after they’re where they need to be and taking root.

On Friday afternoon, the paint brushes came out and I spent about five hours painting the columns and wooden trim and part of the ceiling.  Most of the ceiling is a very pale blue siding but it’s has a wide section that flows from the porch columns up to the siding and it’s wood.  I painted it as well in the brilliant white that I put on the columns.  They looked so good but while on my step ladder I realized how dirty the ceiling was and the white siding didn’t look so white so I went at them with a vengence and what a difference.  Everything dried overnite while I worked in the yard on other projects and hubby built me another shelf on the entrance to the porch just like the one on the opposite post.  We use these to sit our binoculars for watching wildlife on the mountain.

On Saturday morning I started putting the stain and water repellent on the porch and it took about four hours because I used a brush and got down on my knees to make sure everything was covered really good.  It was dried by 8:00 p.m. but no furniture was to be placed on it for 24-48 hours.  On Sunday afternoon, I cleaned up all the furniture and put felt pads on everything.  Here’s the results:








The end results and very nice, clean porch that has been washed down, painted, weather proofed and furniture minimized and cleaned as well.  Out damned spiders!!  Not sure how long it will look this nice with two cats and a dog always on it and muddy feet when it rains but it is so gratifying at the moment and a little swish with a broom and a mop to wipe off tracks and we’ll be set.  We’re already enjoying the evenings listening to the quiet!!


Sunday quiet time

Usually on Sunday afternoon if I can’t be outside I like to retreat to our guest room and catch up on my ironing.  This winter I procrastinated and let it pile up and I had my laundry hamper filled way beyond capacity.  It would all have fit into three large laundry baskets but in my defense about half of the laundry were dress shirts that hubby never wears. I had pulled them from his closet to re-wash and freshen and never got around to ironing them along with the last of my summer clothes from last fall.

Overloaded laundry basket of ironing.

Overloaded laundry basket of ironing.

I love to watch movies while I iron, especially those movies that hubby has seen already and I haven’t or my chick flicks that he won’t watch.  Sunday afternoon I watched “Lincoln” with Daniel Day Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Fields.  It’s a wonderful historic movie!

"Lincoln" movie with Andrew Day Lewis, Sally Fields and Tommy Lee Jones.

“Lincoln” movie with Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Fields and Tommy Lee Jones.

The movie lasted two hours and I got over half of the ironing complete, put away and feel a great accomplishment in doing so.

Almost done!!!

Almost done!!!

Dress clothes pressed and hung ready for wearing to work.

Dress clothes pressed and hung ready for wearing to work.

Knit shirts and t-shirts pressed, folded and in the drawers.

Knit shirts and t-shirts pressed, folded and in the drawers.


I have two irons but the one I prefer to use when doing our clothes is a Black & Decker steam iron.  It’s heavy enough to really press out the wrinkles in half the time of the light weight irons and I have an ironing board that I got shortly after we were married 42 years ago.

My heavyweight iron that I prefer to use when doing our clothing.  It's a Black & Decker steam iron.  Heavy but makes the work go so much faster.

My heavyweight iron that I prefer to use when doing our clothing. It’s a Black & Decker steam iron. Heavy but makes the work go so much faster.

Ironing board I've had since we got married 42 years ago and it's seen lots of laundry!!

Ironing board I’ve had since we got married 42 years ago and it’s seen lots of laundry!!


Here’s my other iron that stays in the quilting room.  It’s light weight  and steams but I use it for pressing apart seams when quilting or sewing.

My Sunbeam iron that I use when pressing seams when quilting.

My Sunbeam iron that I use when pressing seams when quilting.

My next movie will either be “The Passion of the Christ”  or one of my “tear-jerker” romance movies.  Anyway, it should help me complete the rest of the ironing that I have procrastinated getting done.  Now I have enough clothes ironed to last me through the next six to eight weeks of work.

Avoid this washer


New Samsung Washer

New Samsung Washer

New Samsung Washer 2013 (8)I finally wore out my Maytag washer a couple months ago and we went in search of a new one.  I really liked the old one but after 8-10 loads of laundry every Saturday it finally died.   We went to Lowes one night and looked through them and there were several on sale which we thought was great.

After about 45 minutes of reading, comparing and talking we decided on this Samsung 440.  It had a huge washing bin, several settings, energy efficient and more.  It DID NOT have an agitator.  Here’s what she looks like:

New Samsung Washer 2013 (4)


10 Year Warranty

huge washing bin


New Samsung Washer 2013 (9)


Separate dispenser for bleachNew Samsung Washer 2013 (7)

New Samsung Washer 2013 (5)

New Samsung Washer 2013 (3)

New Samsung Washer 2013 (2)

New Samsung Washer 2013 (1)


No missing the chance to add fabric soften, just fill the little drawer with two sections.  One section for softener and another for detergent.  No overloading with soap.


WELL. let me tell you, I hate this thing!!!!  Farmers get dirty and when you have to wash their clothes two or three times to get them clean you’re wasting time, money, and precious water.  There’s nothing in there to move the clothes around and get the dirt out.  The water shoots in from the side but that does NOT get your clothes clean.  The fabric softener lands on what’s under the little drawer and I have had to rewash my dress clothes so many times because the softener stains the clothes.  Once they’re dry it’s almost impossible to get the softener out of it.

Please heed my warning, DON”T buy this machine.  We were told by the salesman that the agitator is a thing of the past, well guess who’s checking CraigsList to find an old washer and possibly a wringer washer!!


My Website Update

This evening hubby decided to take the hounds to the woods and I had some free time. After doing two loads of laundry and sweeping up the living room, I decided to play on the computer. I have been thinking about sprucing up my blog and tonight was the perfect time.
As you can tell I changed the theme, sidebars and colors. I renamed some of the widgets and still may change some more. As it got closer to 9:00 p.m. my computer kept getting slower and slower so I stopped and will spruce up more as time goes on. Let me know what you think.

On another note, hubby and I celebrated our 41st anniversary at home last night and watched a movie together. He fixed us BLT’s with egg sandwiches and we reminiced about our first evening together 41 years ago after a quick meeting with the justice of the peace in North Carolina and then a rush to get back to our apartment so he could go to work. We eloped!! Our elopement began with a snow storm the night before, two flat tires, and not getting to Sparta, North Carolina in time to get married. We spent the night in our car huddled up under our coats and trying not to freeze. Even after all this, he still married me!!! Love is blind!! 😉

We lived in Roanoke VA in a small basement apartment for three months and spent most of our time back in Craig and eventually moved back there in May of that same year near the farm that his Dad owned. A year and three months later our son was born and we moved into a mobile home on the family farm. We’ve been farming ever since!!

Finally six months later

Remember back in late June when I had nine of twelve baby chicks hatch from green eggs??

Summer hatch -nine out of twelve and they're adorable.They're hatched from green eggs.

Summer hatch -nine out of twelve and they’re adorable.They’re hatched from green eggs.

Well, I just got back from the henhouse and I am thrilled.  Finally after six months, the little pips have grown into full grown hens and I got my first green egg from one of them.  I can only hope that the other five of the hens will start laying too.  I kept two of their brothers and one brother went in the freezer.  I was really beginning to think there were not going to produce.  Here’s what I got from the nests a few minutes ago.

green, white, brown, pink, we have them all!

green, white, brown, pink, we have them all!

It’s somewhat smaller than the rest but that’s normal for the first few eggs.  They will be larger as time goes on.  I’m one happy farmer today!!  I hope she was as happy as I am.  🙂

New fencing in2013

A new year of fencing has begun.  Hubby pulled out the old fence over a month ago and then the weather got bad and then hunting season got in full swing.  This area of fencing is at the bull lot and had originally been made of chestnut railing.  Over fifty years ago it was used a lot and was a very useful tool for short spances of fencing.  Weather and bulls being bulls had worn it down and it’s just one more area completed.  The bulls seem to know that they won’t be pushing this fence around.    Boards were essential at both ends of this stretch due to the bracing of the heavy gate and at the other end was a short wet area where the mountain spring fed the pond.  We thought sitting the end post with quickrete would fix the problem but it was never dry enough to set up so good oak boards stretched across  a couple lenths worked fine and made for a sturdy fence. Four strands of  high tinsel electric wiring is between the boarded sections.














This will be just a small section of the fencing to be done this year but it’s a good start.  Dad and daughter did a fine days work and enjoyed each others company while I was at work.

Saturday with Hubby

It’s been a good while since Hubby and I spent the day together in the woods.  The weather was nice enough (40* and sunny) for me to get out with my fingers crossed that the bronchial problems wouldn’t re-surface.  It was the last day of deer hunting season and hubby had killed two does and one buck with his muzzleloader in the last three days to complete his big game tag.  The front porch firewood supply was getting low (even though the wood house was fuller than it had been for three years) and it had been a long time since we had cut firewood together.

Porch wood stack getting low.

Porch wood stack getting low.


After breakfast was over, I washed up the dishes, fed the chickens and turned them out, and started the laundry while hubby fed the cattle.  Then we headed for the flatwoods with the chainsaw, gloves and a smile on my face.  We saw several deer run as we entered the woods and a squirrel took for the tree tops.

Within a hundred feet we found three dead locust and and a downed oak so we stopped the truck and I waited for hubby to bring them down and within a hour the truck was packed with wonderful fuel for the woodstoves.  We headed back to the house with the pickup full.

Truck full and some has to be split.

Truck full and some has to be split.

Notice the handmade wheelbarrow that hubby made last spring.  That thing is the best tool we own as far as I’m concerned.  It’s balanced just right and I can go anywhere with it.  Hubby decided to use the splitting maul to quarter the larger pieces and while he did that I unloaded the smaller sticks to the wheelbarrow and he pushed it to the porch for me and I unloaded it.  It was good quality time together and even though it’s calling for temps to be in the 40’s this coming week, we’ll still have to have a fire day and night.  We’re saving the wood in the woodhouse for hardtimes (snow to deep to get to the woods) and we’ve talked about doing this for the next few Saturdays together, weather permitting, and fill up the entire three sides of the front porch.  We like to do this because it blocks the winds from the front door and we will have those nasty winds.  Here’s the finished work about thirty minutes later.

One load fills up a pretty big gap!

One load fills up a pretty big gap!

From this point I returned indoors to work on laundry and other chores while hubby skinned and quarted the venison.  We had a very productive day.


I just want to wish everyone a very blessed Thanksgiving!  My home computer is still down and the reason I haven’t posted or responded to your posts.  Hopefully back up soon and playing catch up!!

I am thankful for my beautiful family, my friends, my job, the bounty God has provided us and I hope you all are as equally blessed as I am!!

Until next time!!

Thanksgiving dinner 2011-after everyone is finished eating.

Thanksgiving dinner 2011-after everyone is finished eating.