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Sampler quilt beginnings

I’ve set a goal for the year of completing a king-sized sampler quilt in burgundy as the primary color.  I started it yesterday and completed six 10 inch blocks.  Now, I just have to keep it up and hopefully have all of the 200+ blocks completed in three months, I hope!!  I thought I would share the blocks as I go along so this will be a continuing post.  Here’s the first six:

Block  #1

Block #1

Block #2

Block #2

Blcok  #3

Blcok #3

Block #4

Block #4

Block #5

Block #5

Block #6

Block #6

I think this is a pretty good start and if I 12 weeks to complete 200 blocks, that means I have to complete about 17 blocks a week, which works out to three a day for the next three months.  WOW!  Maybe I’d better rethink this time limit and make it six months instead of three.  Oh well, I will get it done and I will post as I go.  Wish me luck!!  Did I tell you I also have three baby quilts to start and finish by JUNE 2013!!!!!!!

Birthday Present

I think I told you last week that my wonderful hubby got me a new HP desktop computer for my birthday and Christmas!  I’m getting used to the new programs and catching on pretty quick.  Now, I just need to catch up on some posting.  Hubby knows how much I miss my blog!!

My daughter and family got me a new crafting table for my quilt room.  I spent “three” hours putting it together this morning.  It didn’t take so much time because it was complicated, it was because I took so much time getting up and down out of the floor trying to put it together.  Here’s how it went without me in the pictures:

Not out of the box yet

Not out of the box yet

Figuring out the parts-no brainer!!! I love it when that happens!!!  Getting down there and getting back up was the hard part !  :)

Figuring out the parts-no brainer!!! I love it when that happens!!! Getting down there and getting back up was the hard part ! 🙂


Table supports together and done correctly! YIppee!

Table supports together and done correctly! YIppee!


Both sides folded down, both sides up, one side up.  This is going to be so useful!!

Both sides folded down, both sides up, one side up. This is going to be so useful!!


Table top is together and on it's feet (and me too!).  Daughter helped me turn it up and we inspect for sturdiness.

Can’t wait to get started on some new quilts and other projects.

Fall is here whether we are ready or not!!

We’ve been talking  a lot , hubby and me, about the signs of a early winter.  I remember as a child hearing my parents and grandparents talking about the signs of a early or bad winter.  One such saying was “If the bees build their nest high in the trees we would have a lot of snow in the coming winter.  The bees are bad at the farm right now and they’ve built nest everywhere.  Some high in the maple trees, some in the buildings, and some in my flower beds.

I posted earlier in the week that the leaves are changing here and the hummingbirds are slowly leaving.  We had around 30 in July and this morning there were only seven at the feeder when I left for work.  This morning there are only three left.  Should we be worried since they usually don’t leave until mid to late September?

We have the woodshed full and the last hay is baled and in the barn.  The equipment has been looked over and put away.  We need to get the calves to market but holding off because “pinkeye” has touched about 10 head and we want them well before they’re shipped out.

The chicken molt is coming to a close and the katydids are screaming every night.  They’re usually not this loud until it about to frost.  The praying mantis are all over the flowers  and in the gardens.    We heard coyotes night before last and from the sound of it they had caught something for supper.  Now we worry about the fall calves that will start coming in mid-September.  The whitetail deer have started losing their velvet and I thought this also happened in late September.

I’ve been watching for the ring around the moon that predicts snow but haven’t seen it “yet”!   Some other weather sayings I heard growing up are if yellow jackets are building their nests above ground, then it will be a wet winter.   If the woolly worm has a lot of wool, it will be a bad winter.  If the squirrels and birds are feeding in the winter, expect a bad snow storm.  For every foggy morning in August, it will snow that many days that following winter.  It has been foggy about 20 days this August and that doesn’t bode well for us.  I’m glad the wood house is full and I’d better get that kindling gathered soon.

Wood house 1/2 full

Have you heard these?

Go by the persimmon seed for the weather of each year, Let the seed ripen then open the seed with a pair of pliers, Inside the seed will be a spoon, and it tells you that there will be a plenty of snow to shovel for the first of the winter.

When wind comes from the east,  It’s not fit for man nor beast.

When squirrels lay in a big store of nuts, look for a hard winter.

Ice in November to bury a duck, the rest of the winter is slush and muck.

Ring around the sun, time for fun. Ring around the moon, storm coming soon.

For every fog in august, you get a snow; the heavier the fog, the more snow you get.

Oh well, I guess time will tell but the way this year has flown by, I predict that winter is “soon” up us!!  Get your chores done and get your winter reading prepared 🙂

My daughters house

About four years ago our daughter decided to build a house on the farm and it’s coming along but not fast enough to suit her and us.  It’s going to be a beautiful home and we can’t wait until it’s completed.

May 2009

She decided to pay as you go instead of having a mortgage for the rest of their lives.  She is lucky in the fact that her husband is a mason and has done the ground work of the house and  she paid his workers for their part of the construction.  The best part of doing things this way seems to be making sure each step of the build is done correctly.  Her biggest headache has been listening to the many “advice givers”, deciding what step is next and trying to find contractors that really take PRIDE in their work.  In this day and time when jobs and housing are at their lowest,  you would think that contractors would do their best work and hope to get referrals from those they work for.  My daughter has met the cream of the crop when it comes to “men dealing with a woman”  and most of them trying to get away with a fast job and a quick buck.  What they didn’t know and found out quick is that this “woman” knows the right people in so many contractor works of life and isn’t afraid to challenge anyone when it comes to working for HER money.  She is not afraid to speak her mind and when something doesn’t look right she’s quick to find out why.  I admire her tenacity  and strong will to fight for what is right especially when it comes to a field she’s not totally familiar with.  She is not afraid to research the correct way to do things and she’s not afraid to fight for what is right.  She expects to get the same quality of work as she would give in her job.  She is deeply versed in the old saying “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”.    Anyway, I digress yet again, the house is coming along and it will be wonderful having her and her family within walking distance of our house and yet far enough away that she’ll have the privacy she enjoys and respects.  By the time the house is completed she’ll be able to write a book on the do’s and don’ts of building your home.

March 2010

August 2011

May 2012

She has dealt with bad roofers, guttering professionals that weren’t professional, contractors that don’t know what soffits are and men that  don’t know what winds we have in our area and reasoning of why she wants things done in a certain way (especially if they think she is wrong).

Anyway, the next stop is the porches and garage floor poured and the garage door put in.  This will seal up the house to keep the birds and varmints out.  She has a long way to go but hopefully before that granddaughter of mine finishes high school (this is her first year in high school) they’ll be in their “new” home .

My daughter has a lot more men to deal with in the next few years when it comes to this house but I think she has decided that she is going to look at their previous work before taking any more bids and before she let’s them have anymore to do with the construction.  Her husband’s grandfather was  a master builder/contractor and I think it might be a good idea to have him take a look at what’s been done and give her a list of what SHOULD come next and maybe even have him supervise the construction from now on.  He’s a wonderful man!!

I think the values of workers has changed a lot since I was growing up and raising our family.  So many people, old and young alike, feel that the world owes them something and the value of hard work is, in most part, a thing of the past.  Our world is changing and not for the better.  I know that God will work his miracles and help her through this part of her life.  HE never gives us more than we can handle!!

August/September Preparation for a bad winter

I can’t believe it’s the end of July!  This year has flown by!!  It’s time to start aggressively storing food for the winter, gathering wood, and winterizing all the animal sheds and the house.  I’ll save the house for last since the next two months will probably turn out to be our hottest months.  The farm equipment should be finished for the year except for a couple tractors.  Hubby always cleans them up and checks everything out for worn parts and replacement parts.  I clean up the garden and yard equipment but still a little early for that.  The major thing now is the garden.  I will have more green beans to can this coming week and weekend, more squash to freeze, onions to store and more cabbage to do something with.  The tomatoes and peppers are near ready yet and the summer “duratio” did away with most of the fruit.  Luckily I stored lots last year.

Hubby worked on filling the wood house again today and the split stack is out of the rain.  We still have a large load to split and more down from the storm to cut & split for the following winter.

All of the hay is stacked and ready for winter and hubby is in the process of cleaning up the hay equipment.  The roofs have been taken care of and I have to put new interior tar paper in the chicken house.  All of the major fence repairs have been made and the pastures are being sheared now.

Homemade Queen is my Lifesaver

Vacation is over and I want to personally thank “Jillee” for making my life so much easier and thrifty!!!THANK YOU JILLEE!!

A few months back I started my blog and about the same time I started my own boards on Pinterest. I love this site and I’ll explain why in another post later. I found Jillee’s site on Pinterest and this lady is the Homemaker Queen in my book. She has posted some wonderful recipes for homemade laundry soap ( liquid and dry), bodywash, glass cleaner, Miracle cleaner, dishwasher detergent and much more.

I hate going to the grocery store because I usually come home mad due to the prices of cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. which leaves little room for buying actual food. Granted, we raise most of our food but there are some things that have become a habit or joy to bring home. Well, Jillee saved me so much money this past ten days that I feel like my checking account may not run dry anytime soon.

I made the bodywash first because my bottle of Dove had risen to $6.00+! It was very simple to make, with a coupon for the bar soap the total cost of the body wash was around 20 cents and it made three quarts. It cleans wonderfully and the only difference was it wasn’t as thick but I can remedy that by using less water next time.

Next I made the Miracle Cleaner for the shower and I was totally amazed and I did not have to fight the fumes and listen to hubby fuss about the smell. Then I made the liquid laundry detergent. The 125 oz Tide that I usually buy costs around $11.00. The cost of the ingredients for the homemade was calculated to cost about $1.19 for the same amount. I can scent it with essential oil drops for a few cents more and it smells like I want it to and BEST of all, my clothes are clean and fresh. My first batch made three gallons and my grocery list has shrunk considerably!!

GO JILLEE-I’m your life long friend from this day forward.

Future Plans

I plan to start up a small green house on the back porch of a building on the farm in two weeks.  I’ll be planting all of my favorite flowers and vegies.  Some will be heirloom seeds but I’m so anxious to get started.  I’m having problems getting my old violets to live and getting new starts to take off.  Any advise would be helpful???  Now that the maple syrup season is finished, I can concentrate on gardening and the yard.  Our apple orchards need trimming and it’s just about time to do some grafting.  I’ve not had to much luck with my grafts the last couple years and hope this year is much better.

I’ve recently been scanning all the photos in albums because they’re fading and sticking to the vinyl pages.  Memories just flood back when I go through them.  I’ve also been compiling a journal of my life from notes I kept in datebooks and on calendars.  It’s funny how the memory goes away and comes back when you do this.  I’m hoping my granddaughter will enjoy them when she’s older.  I’ve included the “good, bad and ugly”!

Our spring calving season began this week and so far we have  three little bull calves running around and lost one.  He was a premie!  We have 35 more to go.

Spring is oozing in and we’re all ready for it though I’m sure we’ll have a few more snow blasts.