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Weight-loss update

Winter blahs and some family issues have caused me to backslide and lose my willpower to get this weight off.  I knew I was backsliding when I gained a pound last month and quit keeping my food log.  I tried to pump myself up by buying an exercise mat, a couple videos to dance with, some weights and made a large poster board of pictures of the exercises I needed to do get rid of the inner tube that is supposed to be my waist.

Dance/exercise videos to help me work off the weight.

Dance/exercise videos to help me work off the weight.

Exercise mat and weights.

Exercise mat and weights.

Treadmill to use when it's too cold to get outside and walk.

Treadmill to use when it’s too cold to get outside and walk.

When I get home from work in the evenings I’m wasted.  All I want to do is sit in my recliner and put recipes on index cards, read magazines or my book, or sleep while watching the television!!  I just feel worthless!!

I go back to visit my weight coach tomorrow and hope she’ll have some advise and wisdom to get me back on track.  I sure would like to lose another ten pounds by summer.  I started out at 187 (I think) in September and I just can’t get down past that 170 mark and am terribly afraid I’ve gained this month.  Of course, making desserts and mac & cheese on the weekends doesn’t help either.  BUT, in my defense, I still do not eat after 7:00 in the evening!  I guess it’s time to pull up my “big-girl panties” and get back on track regardless of the weather!!

Weightloss update

Not only have I been bad about posting on my blog, I’ve been very bad with my weight loss.  Thanksgiving and Christmas were buggers for me in regards to exercise  but I did lose 3.2 pounds.  When I went to see my weight coach early January she and I were shocked when I stepped on the scales and we figured up that I had lost any weight at all.  I figured I had gained three pounds, not lost. I’m very honest with her about what I do each day and I keep a daily log of what I eat.  I’m still not sure what I did to lose but I was very good at our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

I did go down one pant size since beginning this journey of healthy living.  I went from size 16 to 14 from October to January.

Size 16-now they're just quite loose

Size 16-now they’re  quite loose but still wearable.

Size 14-perfect fit if just a little loose.  I'm sure the washing machine will tighten them up, though.

Size 14-perfect fit if just a little loose. I’m sure the washing machine will tighten them up, though.


My new goal is dropping to a size 12 by April 1st but to do that I’ve got to get off my duff and walk or use my treadmill.

My treadmill shows, speed, miles walked, time walked.

My treadmill shows, speed, miles walked, time walked.

When I use it I usually walk at a pace of 2.8 – 3.0 miles per hour and I usually walk for 25 minutes which puts me over the one mile walked.  I don’t think I can increase my speed without stirring up my mild asthma issue but I can walk longer and further if I just put my mind to it.  I usually watch a DVD while I’m walking or listen to my new MP3 player my daughter got me for Christmas.  In my defense it has been quite frigid out with negative temps but that doesn’t justify not using my treadmill.  

My new goals set for 2014 are down another pant size, maybe two and get rid of the roll  that has taken over my waist line.  I got an exercise mat and some weights which I plan to use on the nights I don’t use the treadmill, alternating each night.

Exercise mat, 3# weight and 5# weights.

Exercise mat, 3# weight and 5# weights.

I have printed off a lot of gut/butt busting exercises from the internet and will make a poster board to use as a guide when exercising on the mat.  I have noticed that my under arms are getting a little flabby and I can’t stand that so the weights will be used to tighten/build the muscle in that area.

I’m still watching what I eat, how much I eat, and when I eat.  I’ve grown quite fond of OIKOs yogurt with fruit.  My favorites are blueberry and key lime and they are my between breakfast/lunch meals and lunch/dinner meals if my meal doesn’t satisfy me.  I absolutely DO NOT eat anything after 7:00 p.m.  It’s hard but I do it.

OIKOS blueberry and key lime.  YUM!!

OIKOS blueberry and key lime. YUM!!


My next weigh-in is next Wednesday–WISH ME LUCK!!  I think I’ve lost 14 total pounds since October.

Here’s our Christmas picture of the family and everyone says they can tell I’ve lost some weight and that it really shows in my face.

Family Christmas picture 2013

Family Christmas picture 2013.  I’m on the left with hubby and son.


I want to wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and happy 2013!!

I’m not sure where 2012 went but the goals I have for 2013 will keep me just as busy as in 2012.  Gardening, crafting, quilting, photography, family (most important) and our way of life guarantees I”ll stay busy.  I also hope to post a lot more than I did last year but feel pretty good about my blog.  I started it last year and I have 73 followers and 4,204 hits so far.  I’ve become friends with some pretty spectacular friends/bloggers across the United States and the world.  My goal was to promote farming and our way of life.  I sincerely believe that we all need to slow down and learn to take care of ourselves and our families.  The current situation with our government and the status of our economy should be a wakeup call to all that they need to be more dependent upon ourselves and learn to become dependent as soon as possible.  I don’t mean to bring a cloud over the day but I do want everyone to prepare for what may be in our futures.


Birthday Present

I think I told you last week that my wonderful hubby got me a new HP desktop computer for my birthday and Christmas!  I’m getting used to the new programs and catching on pretty quick.  Now, I just need to catch up on some posting.  Hubby knows how much I miss my blog!!

My daughter and family got me a new crafting table for my quilt room.  I spent “three” hours putting it together this morning.  It didn’t take so much time because it was complicated, it was because I took so much time getting up and down out of the floor trying to put it together.  Here’s how it went without me in the pictures:

Not out of the box yet

Not out of the box yet

Figuring out the parts-no brainer!!! I love it when that happens!!!  Getting down there and getting back up was the hard part !  :)

Figuring out the parts-no brainer!!! I love it when that happens!!! Getting down there and getting back up was the hard part ! 🙂


Table supports together and done correctly! YIppee!

Table supports together and done correctly! YIppee!


Both sides folded down, both sides up, one side up.  This is going to be so useful!!

Both sides folded down, both sides up, one side up. This is going to be so useful!!


Table top is together and on it's feet (and me too!).  Daughter helped me turn it up and we inspect for sturdiness.

Can’t wait to get started on some new quilts and other projects.

Keeping a journal

I love to write which is the main reason I started my blog but I’ve also kept a journal ever since my kids were small but never on a continuous schedule.  There are times when I just get so busy that I can’t find the time to write down even one sentence.  Lately my journal seems to be written on a quarterly basis instead of a daily basis.  I find myself during the winter months when things slow down pulling out the journals I kept when my kids were in school.  There are so many things that I forgot or put in the back of my memory.  They’re fun and my granddaughter likes reading them too.  My blog is about things that I like to share with everyone but my journals are full of  stories of pain, fun, life lessons, and so much more.  A few years ago we were given a journal that was written daily by my husbands great, great uncle from 1888-1890.  This book has been such a wealth of information about his family and their daily life including costs of things they bought or bartered for,  how our farm evolved, and so much more.  It has been my inspiration for doing a better job of keeping my journals.  I can only hope that my family enjoys it as much as I enjoy writing in it.

Here are a couple pages from the OFWC Journals of 1888-1890.


This is a photo of my husband's great grandfather and his siblings.  We think the photo was taken at the passing of one of their parents.

This is a photo of my husband’s great grandfather and his siblings. We think the photo was taken at the passing of one of their parents.



I’m not sure you will be able to read any of the journal but I thought it was worth trying.  Also, OFWC is what he was called but the full name was Oscar Ferdinand Wiley Caldwell.  I think I understand why the initials were easier to say.  OFWC kept many journals but all were destroyed in a fire some years ago and we feel very blessed to have what we received.  It’s given me new inspiration to continue with mine for our children, grandchild and her family down the road.

Front view of OFWC house

Front view of OFWC house

We live on the family farm and in the farmhouse of one of the uncles and recently received a photo of what it looked like in the 1800’s.  This is a picture of what it looks like now.

Home of Eddie and Rita Caldwell 2013

Home of Eddie and Rita Caldwell 2013

Try keeping a journal.  I promise you won’t be sorry and your kids will love it.

Pinched nerve

Pain I won’t forget anytime soon is my reason for no recent posts.  For about four weeks now I’ve had a slight catch under my right shoulder-blade that quickly became excruciating pain.  I’ve been under a doctor’s care for two weeks now and the two weeks before that I was able to work but the pain kept getting worse.  I was finally in tears on the third week and unable to do anything with my right arm except sit on a heating pad and taking Aleve. That third week I worked on Monday but that afternoon went to urgent care.  My physician wasn’t in and the doctor I saw told me what I already knew which was that I had a pinched nerve and he prescribed a anti-inflamitory and to continue what I was doing.  I missed the next day of work and my wonderful and caring husband loaded me up the next day to see my regular PA.  She gave me a good going over and ordered x-rays and made me an appointment the next day to have a corti-steroid shot in my right arm/shoulder.   I went thinking it was going to be a miracle cure and boy was I wrong!!  This doctor laid me off for a week after giving me the shot, kept me on the pain meds, and heat and seven days later I’m better but must have physical therapy for 4-6 weeks 2-3 times a week and come back to see him in three weeks.  I have been about to go out of my mind with nothing I could do and having to sit in my recliner on a heating pad for 10 days.  No computer.  No lifting.   No pushing/pulling.  Quiet!!

Hopefully this physical therapy which starts tomorrow will get me back to where I’m supposed to be.  I’m been okayed to return to work and the therapy is at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.  Keep me in your prayers!!

Keeping up and gettin’ ur dun!!!

I started my spring cleaning in mid-May and I’m almost done.  I did the pantry first and did it in 1 1/2 days.Ceiling to floor clean up!! It’s looks so good!!

Next stop the bathroom.  We only have one and it’s quite small but it fulfills our needs.  It took another day and a half to clean floor to ceiling but I got it done the day before the vacation started.  We had planned so many things inside and out of the house to do that I knew I’d need to start early.  Here’s my mini-bath.

Now we move on to the side porch.  This also is a small area but it took three days because the new windows needed painting.  Two walls needed painting and then the day after the paint was dry we had a rain that lasted several hours with high winds and downpours and our NEW roof sprung a leak.    GUESS WHAT!  Another day of  re-painting to cover the leak stains but I got it done and it looks really nice.

After a completely new renovation last fall and new windows and tile, I think it looks pretty darned good!

Now, it only took one day to do a ceiling to floor cleaning of little brothers’ room but it got new curtains which I made a couple months before.  He was pretty pleased when he came home.  He spent a week with another brother during my spring cleaning spree!

Little brother’s room

The next room downstairs was our Master Bedroom.  One day did it because I sleep in this room every night and I want a clean room when I’m sleeping.  I keep it in pretty good shape all the time but I did put up freshly made curtains and rearranged everything in the room.  I also moved my computer in this room for convenience as opposed to upstairs.

Master Bedroom

West Wall of Bedroom

It’s clean!!






Once this was completed I headed upstairs to clean it.  I’m saving the living room and kitchen for last.

Vacation was over so now I work on the weekends to finish the “spring cleaning” that has turned into the “summer cleaning”.


I have a goal though and it MUST be completed by August 1st.  The following are what is completed upstairs in order they were done.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  The last three years I’ve either completed the downstairs or the upstairs but this year I’m determined to get it all done!  The five rooms upstairs took about two days each and thank goodness it wasn’t too hot.  We don’t use air conditioning unless it gets in the upper nineties and then only downstairs.

Upstairs foyer and attic stair case clean!!

Guest bedroom finished!!

Quilt/craft room done!

This is my favorite room in the whole house!!

I don’t have pics of the linen storage room or the dressing room off the guest room but they’re done and this weekend I finished the living room.    The living room is clean and less cluttered.  Should make for easier upkeep from now on.

Now for the kitchen!  It’s such a big undertaking that I’ll wait and do a post on it all by itself.  I have one week to finish it and it’ll take every minute of my free time since it’s also garden harvest time.  This will be a big challenge  because of all the wall decor and my collection of antique  kitchenware which will be taken down, scrubbed and put back when my buddy from Maryland gets here on the 8th to help me re-decorate.  We always have so much fun creating a new atmosphere with “old things”!!  So until my kitchen post I’ll just enjoy the accomplishments of the spring and summer.