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Cleaning Up the Mountain


View of the mountain from our front porch before the cleanup..

A “before and after” view of our mountain is such a huge change and it  took several hours and days to complete.  Our mountain view has disappeared over the last few years due to barberry, alm olive and other obnoxious shrubs.  We contacted Aaron Calfee from Paint Bank to do the work for us.  He has a bushhog that fits the front of a track loader (Bobcat, maybe).  The shrubs had taken over a lot of really good pasture land for our cattle.  It’s very steep and Eddie just would not get on the side of a mountain with any kind of equipment.  It looks really great now and we’ll have to keep a watch on it in the spring and do some spraying to keep it knocked down and the cattle will eat a lot of the tender young sprouts.  Here are some after photos that show how the mountain opened up.

Hay Season 2017 has. . .

officially begun!  Two small meadows were mowed yesterday along with a corner of one of the large fields.  Today and tomorrow will be a mad rush to get all of it baled into 4 x 5 bales before another good chance of showers rolls in.

The grass had finished blooming and dropping seed.

It was so cool watching the tall grasses wave in the wind but not so cool to watch the clouds of pollen fill the air like a heavy fog over the fields.

This field and part of the big field started yesterday were cut today.

Hubby just started raking the first field he mowed yesterday. Our daughter, Heather, turned it over this morning to help it dry faster in the blazing sun.

First round of raking is half way completed.

The wind rows look four feet tall from where I sit on the porch taking pictures.

The baler is greased and ready to roll it up!

The farm has been quite busy for the last three weeks

The farm is always busy but the last three weeks have been quite busy.  My chickens had almost completely quit laying but now the eggs are pouring out of them.  We’re getting 18-22 eggs a day and two of my ladies are starting to show broody signs.  It’s just too cold to set these ladies yet so I think I’ll give them until the first weekend in April to put eggs of my choice under them.

Beautiful eggs of all sizes and colors.

Beautiful eggs of all sizes and colors.


I had thought about buying some babies in mid-April or May but then decided if I’ve got broody hens that won’t give me eggs, I’ll put them to work hatching me some new layers.

Then maple syrup season came on us and last weekend we made 45 pints of the golden nectar.  The weather was such a hit and miss thing that we didn’t invite a lot of people to join us but our daughter had some of her clients come in to see the process.  It was very, very windy the day of the cook-off.

210 gallon tank for sap storage

210 gallon tank for sap storage

Gallon stainless steel bucket used to strain sap into tank.

Gallon stainless steel bucket used to strain sap into tank.

Trees tapped

Trees tapped

Shawn & Heather keep watch on the pan.

Shawn & Heather keep watch on the pan.


Sugar house steaming.

Sugar house steaming.


2014 Golden nectar


AND, the babies are arriving and they are so adorable.  The calves seem a little on the small size this year but that’s fine.  They grow so fast and smaller calves are definitely easier on the mothers.  Here’s a few of our recent arrivals:








And of course, keeping the driveway clear of ice and snow and feeding the cattle has been a chore, not to mention keeping firewood on the front porch to feed the stoves.

Ice on top of snow

Ice on top of snow


You just can't be a good wood fire with the winter we've had.

You just can’t be a good wood fire with the winter we’ve had.


Stay well,  Stay warm.



Time to ourselves

This past weekend was special time for hubby and me.  We had the house and farm to ourselves for two nights and one day.  You see, almost five years ago my Mom passed away and my youngest brother, Dean, came to live with us full time.  Our family of two became three and no more privacy.

This “special t ime to us is very important.  Our kids left home at the same time and we had a little over six years by ourselves.  Ten years ago we moved to hubby’s uncle’s farm to take care of him because he  had Alzheimers and his caregiver passed away suddenly.  Hubby was his only living heir that could move in and take care of  him and the farm.  While he was doing this, he was also taking care of our small farm and his mother’s 200+ acre farm.  I was working full time to provide us with some extra cash and medical insurance.  We spent another five years with his uncle until he passed away.

Then we had about two years by ourselves again and cherished every moment of the time.  My Mom passed on and we took in my youngest brother who is mentally handicapped.  Our family of two turned into three.    This is why those  “special” weekends alone mean so much to us.  We don’t do anything any differently but just knowing that we can run around in our shorts(hubby) and nightie (me) gives us such a feeling of freedom.  Being able to sit and talk and not having someone in the next room listen to every word.  Until you have been through this it’s hard to grasp the feelings that I’m trying to put in words.

I guess the real reason behind my post is this:

Make every moment in your married life count, cherish each other, do things together!!!  Treat every moment as if it may be your last because there could always come a time when that shared time together won’t be there anymore or things could happen to change that couple into a “group” again.