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A Long Distance Visit

Back in the spring and while things were shutdown I promised my younger brother, Dean, if he got his Covid vaccines and things calmed down I would take him to visit our brother, Richard, in North Carolina. This was an issue because Dean is petrified of needles and under no circumstances will he let ANYONE get near him with a needle. He even has to have x-rays for his annual TB test. Lo and behold, he took the vaccine in April and had been asking me weekly when we were going on our vacation to North Carolina!!

We were planning to go in October, nearer to Richard’s birthday, but with Covid ramping up again we decided to go this month. On the 10th, I picked up Dean and we took a 4 hour trip to Mebane, NC. Dean was very excited and I was anxious to see Richard and his wife, Linda, as we had not for several years.

They have a beautiful home!
Their home is in a quiet neighborhood and we had a great time while there. Richard treated us to lunch at Cracker Barrel!
Richard, Dean and Linda in the background!
Linda, Richard and Dean
I’m glad we took the trip and we’ll have great memories to carry with us forever!

We stayed with them for a bit after lunch and then headed back to Virginia. We overnighted in Martinsville because Dean wanted to spend the night in a hotel (vacation means hotel to Dean) and we watched a movie before retiring and left for home at 7:00 the next morning.

When I make a promise, I keep it and this sister and brother team had a fun trip together before Covid locked us apart from visits again!!!

A Busy Week

What a week and thank goodness it was a cool one up until today. The garden is drying up and I’ve been scrambling to save and can as much as possible!

Even in the heat, yellow squash keeps blooming and producing.

I’ve frozen some shredded for squash pie, cubed some for casseroles, and sliced some to saute with onions as a side dish. I’ve given away so many of them and they’re still coming even as dry as it is.

Beautiful carrots canned for soups and stews this winter.
Five heads of cabbage was shredded and in my 10 gallon crock fermenting for sauerkraut.
The green beans are gone but not before we got two garden baskets filled and thankfully someone needed them more than I did.

The dry season has not effected my yellow tomatoes or the plum tomatoes. I canned 16 pints of whole tomatoes and the plum tomatoes are being gathered and waiting to be processed into tomato sauce later this week.

Mr. Stripey tomatoes will sure taste good in all kinds of dishes this winter.

That sums up the gardening portion of the week and I’m so tired I honestly can’t remember what else we did but it had a lot to do with farming, cattle and family!! See you next time!!!

Happy Mother’s Day-Tribute to My Mom

My mother before she married my Dad.

I want to send out my warmest wishes to all the mother’s out there including my Mom in heaven and my beautiful daughter who thankfully lives next door. More about my daughter and son at a later time. This will be a photo journey with my Mom.

Dad and Mom in my early teens.
She loved her grandbabies!
This is Dad and Mom with our children as teenagers.
She hated having her photo taken and someone was ALWAYS sneaking up on her with a camera!
This makes me think she’s still with us!!
This grandbaby was probably/may be our daughter, Heather.
My mother-in-law, Mildred and my mom at our 30th wedding anniversary party.
Mom with children on her 75th birthday.
Mom with a few of her grandchildren on her 75th birthday.
Her siblings were with her on the 75th birthday!
Mom with her family that attended her 75th birthday! She’s on the front row sitting with her only living uncle at the time. It was the happiest day for all of us as a family and cousins came from several states to be with her!

Happy Mother’s Day mom in heaven!!

When She Came Into Our Life

Forty-four years ago a beautiful little girl came into our life and she has made us so proud every day since! Sending wishes to our daughter, Heather, on this cold and blustery day!!

Happy birthday my beautiful girl!!! Mom and Dad are so very proud of you!


A very wonderful blogging friend, Jane, at Robby Robin blog, has inspired me today to express gratefulness for the life I live. I’m hoping to do this at least once a week or more often when time permits.

My husband, Eddie, daughter, Heather, son, Shawn and grandchildren, Victoria and Declan are who I’m most grateful for. They make my life worth living and give me so much joy that I could almost explode with happiness and love!!

Mother’s Day 2019

Nothing special was planned this year for Mother’s Day mainly because of the weather but my beautiful children were with me for short visits throughout the day.  My day started with a big breakfast (which we have every day that I don’t work) and then Eddie presented me with my new engagement ring which was actually my old ring with a new stone and the band rebuilt and cleaned and my wrap cleaned and so sparkly!!!

Later in the morning my gorgeous daughter came to visit and she got me new cushions for the front porch furniture and a Bleeding Heart plant for my bell garden.

Red cushions for two of my porch chairs.

Two striped cushions for the other two chairs.

This flower garden is called the Bell Garden because all of the plants are surrounding an old dinner bell.

I needed one more Bleeding Heart in my bell garden and Heather got it before I could even shop for them.

Soon after her visit our son came to visit and brought me some roses to replace in my rose garden that the rabbits killed.

This one is a Sunsprite Yellow Floribunda.

This is a white Pascali

The third rose is a peach/pink/yellow Peace rose.

We had a wonderful visit with both of my babies that I would give my life for in a minute.  I well up with tears when I think about how blessed I am to have my wonderful children and the father that gave them to me!!!

Birthday Party Extraordinaire

Friday nights birthday dinner at Merryfield with Dean and about 60 of his friends and housemates was wonderful and he had a blast!  As soon as I got to Merryfield that evening Dean opened the door to greet me and everyone started talking at one time.   Shortly after I arrived the other guests started coming in and at 5:30 everyone gathered in the family room which had been set up along with the dining room for the dinner and festivities.  The birthday cake was presented, Happy Birthday was sung while gathering around Dean.  He was in heaven.  The blessing was given and everyone followed Dean to the food.

The festivities begin with the cake, Happy Birthday and blessing before the meal.

Toni, the dietician and chef told me that she came in at 4:30 a.m. Friday morning to start the meal and Dean was up and dressed shortly after she arrived.  He supervised the cooking all day and he was very proud of himself.  He had requested salad, lasagna, spaghetti, and a strawberry cake for his party. Toni also added green beans and fettuccine alfredo to the menu and wonderful rolls.  Along with the strawberry cake were sweet rolls and cupcakes.

Joni making sure Dean is the first served and that he gets everything he wants. There were two eight foot tables covered with the main meal.

A ten foot table was set up in a different room for all the desserts. Pecan rolls, sweet rolls and strawberry cupcakes and room in the middle for the birthday cake.

Two layers of strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries.

Dean and Ruthie, one of his housemates. They pick on each other all the time.

Joni and Dean before the party began and she thanked him for all of his help during the day.

The dining hall was so gorgeous with all the red balloons and sparkly table pieces.

Dean making sure his spot was perfect for the party!!

When does this party start!!!

Bertha, one of the CNA’s/counselors, and Dean enjoy the meal. It was Bertha, Tammy and Vergie’s day off but they wouldn’t have missed his birthday for anything.

He was chowing down on that cake and strawberries!

The birthday boy all dressed up for a party.

Eddie and I are taking him out on the 29th for his birthday to his favorite restaurant, Applebee’s!  He got lots of nice gifts and money at the party and it was a very festive event.  

Birthday Boy Turns 60

Eddie Dean Bradley looking so dashing and he’ll turn 60 on the 29th of this month.

It’s so hard for me to fathom that my baby brother will be 60 years old this month.  He is a very quiet and gentle man unless provoked.  He loves to joke and tease just like our Dad did.  Like our older brother he loves to dress up and there doesn’t have to be an occasion.  Dean lives in a long-term care facility about 60 miles from me and I go visit him every other Saturday or Sunday but usually on Sunday.  On Saturday his group is always out on a movie outing, concert, museum, parades, civic center venues, shopping or outings with their Special Olympic events.  Sundays are church and quiet time and he and I go out to eat wherever he wants to go and occasionally we visit some of the aunts and uncles that live in the area.

Tonight is the monthly Family Birthday Dinner at Merryfield where he lives and I’ll be attending to celebrate with him.  Next Friday night Eddie and I are taking him to his favorite restaurant to celebrate his birthday.  He’s been asking about it since the end of January.  He has asked for gift cards for his birthday so I’ll pick those up tonight for Hardee’s (because they have hotdogs that he loves) and Wal-Mart where he does his shopping with the counselors from Merryfield.

He’s a pretty handsome dude, don’t you think?!?!


It all started last Thursday when my son got a call to come to New Jersey which he did immediately (8-10 hour drive).  Our little grandson was sick and his mom was too!  Before he could get there he got another call to meet them at the hospital.  We spent the weekend waiting for updates and finally he got to go home on Sunday.  We are so thankful to God that he and his Mom and Grandmother are all well now.

This is our two-year old grandson. He is more precious than life to his Mom, Dad and his Grandparents!

He is all we’ve been able to think about for the last ten days.

He took a visit to the hospital pediatric playroom on Friday and we thought he might get to come home sooner but he took a set-back during the night and Saturday. He was very impressed with their aquarium.

Nana and Papa love you Declan!!!

Thank you everyone for your prayers while his parents dealt with a very scary time with their little one!!

Visits To Covington

I’m still playing “catch up” with my blogging so things may come into play a little out of sequence but I write them as I get to them.

I have a twice-monthly ritual in my life that takes me to Covington, Virginia, to visit my youngest brother.  I go every other Sunday and we spend the day doing whatever he wants to do.  It takes me an hour to get to him and then we usually spend about 4-5 hours together before I take him home to Merryfield.

Lunch in January

Lunch in June

We go riding on roads we haven’t been on, we visit cousins, we go shopping, but we always go out to lunch together. He loves going to Tractor Supply to look at the farm equipment and all of the “cowboy” clothing!  Dean’s favorite food is hotdogs with mayonnaise only and a bacon cheeseburger!!  Occasionally we have pizza or we try to find a restaurant that he hasn’t tried.  Sometimes we head toward White Sulphur Springs WV or Fairlea, WV or we drive into Lexington or Roanoke.  The day just depends on the mood he is in or how much time we have.  He loves to shop and we try to find unusual shops to visit instead of Walmart every visit.  Eddie and I picked him up a couple of weeks ago and took him with us to a family reunion and my brother, Junior, took him home after the reunion so we wouldn’t have to do so much traveling.

I enjoy our visits and sometimes we just stay at his place and do something in his room.  He prefers going out though for that one-on-one visit and we talk about what he’s done since the last visit.  When we go out he dresses up in a shirt and tie and always looks like he’s stepped out of a men’s fashion magazine but he likes dressing up.  His health is much improved though his kidney function is only 40% but you never hear him complain and he’s put back on some weight!  Merryfield keeps him busy going to movies, concerts, wrestling matches, shopping, and Lifeskills during the week.  Lifeskills is a school for teaching day-to-day things that most of us take for granted but he enjoys the interaction with his house and schoolmates everyday.


Back to my roots. . .

Yesterday, July 16th, I attended a Bradley family reunion at the farm of my cousins in Newport/Craig County. I had not been to a reunion since my Dad died in the late 80’s and it was held at my grandparents, Dewey and Mabel Bradley, home in Paint Bank VA. Most of our grandparents are gone and now the cousins get together once a year in July. My paternal great-grandparents were Ott and Melissa Carr Bradley and they lived on the mountain in Sinking Creek Valley.  This reunion was held at the home of Uncle Claude, grandfather’s older brother, and Virginia Kathryn Bradley and I was treated to a tour of the beautiful farmhouse.  

Everyone bought a covered dish and there was so much food including fried chicken, venison roast with potatoes and carrots, salads, desserts, homemade rolls and more.  We each bought items for an auction to benefit the maintenance of the family cemetery which sits behind the house on the hill.

Cousin Ralph and  Aunt Jean now own the house and land around it and are working like all of us that have old farmhouses to keep the house in good shape.  Old farmhouses are a chore to update, restore and make livable.  This one is gorgeous and I love the lower and upper porches on the front of the house. The banisters on the upper porch are beautiful and add so much charm and grace to the house.  There’s porches on both side of the house too.   While standing in the house the entrance doors and all windows were open which allowed a marvelous breeze to blow through,  making the house feel air-conditioned with 80* – 90* temperature outside.  While walking through each room of the house you could hear whispers of the family as they grew old in this incredible home!  It made me want to go visit my grandparents home and hear those same voices of time that I grew up with.

auctioneer’s getting ready to entertain the crowd. Left to right are Cousin Joe, Cousin Ralph and his beautiful wife, Jean.

Now, the auction was the entertainment of the day!!  Cousins Ralph, wife Jean, and Cousin Joe kept the atmosphere full of laughter, smiles and goodwill as they “tried” to be auctioneer’s for the absent cousin that truly is an auctioneer!  Everyone went home with treasures that others considered junk and a good amount of cash was accrued for the mowing and upkeep of the cemetery.

View of the side of the house with an enclosed porch facing the driveway.

Side view of the front with another smaller porch on the 1st story of the house. This faces the garden that Ralph and Jean work each summer.

Cousin Ralph has promised to take me and my husband on a tour of the farm, cemetery and old home place on the mountain when the weather cools.  In the meantime, I’ll pull together more information about my cousins, their families and our great grandparents.

What a wonderful and blessed day!!  More stories to follow of my heritage as the summer goes on.



Visitors View of the Farm

My daughters very good friend from Norfolk VA came to visit over the weekend for her birthday. Ashley and Heather grew up together in elementary school and only recently have they found each other again and I’m so glad they did!  Ashley loves it here as much we do and as much as most of our visitors do. I thought I would share with you our farm through Ashley’s eyes.

Ashley bought herself a new camera for her birthday and there were quite a few times when I looked out she was laying on her belly in the grass getting up close and personal!

The Farm

Purple marten heaven in our grape arbor.

View from the front porch where she sat most of the day when she and our daughter weren’t out walking.

Perfect spring day but so windy and cool.

Mountain Laurel blooming in Craig County and on the farm.

Ms Hen and our first hatch of the year.

Potting table full of herb pots ready to be filled.

It was quite fun watching Ashley herd chickens up the hill so the dogs wouldn’t find them. She has a beautiful corgi named Evan and a pitbull named Harper!

This is one of many pictures she took of the bunnies. We have fourteen little ones this spring.

Our big red barn at the entrance of the farm.

Beautiful buttercups grabbed at her heart strings.

Ashley loves all animals but became quite attached to this one.

I Finally Meet My Grandson

On January 20th my son and I traveled to New Jersey so that I could finally meet Declan Bryant Malone-Caldwell!! I cried when I met him and when I left him.

Finally we meet and he didn't cry but Nana did!

Finally we meet and he didn’t cry but Nana did!

I was so shocked at how big he was and what a beautiful little boy.  He weighs 14 pounds and 12 ounces, he is rarely still unless he’s sleeping and when he talks to us he sounds so serious!!!  I hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve attached of this wonderful little guy that was born almost three months too soon and weighed only two pounds and two ounces in July 2016.

Who is this woman???

Who is this woman???

Nana shows me a book from my cousin Victoria.

Nana shows me a book from my cousin Victoria.


img_1463 img_1464 img_146601202017first-visit-from-nana-901202017first-visit-from-nana-801202017first-visit-from-nana-201202017first-visit-from-nana-1 img_1472 img_1477-1 img_1480-mov img_1495 img_1494 img_1492-mov img_1490 img_1489 img_1488Declan loves to watch TV and his mom has Disney movies showing a lot and he loves the colors and flashing pictures.img_1486





We had a wonderful three days with him and I can’t wait to go for another visit but it truly breaks my heart to leave him.  He is a very happy little boy and his mom said that when he has the final surgery she will feel better traveling any distance with him.  She said she would bring him to the farm when she feels she can safely travel any distance away from his neonatal doctors and his regular physicians.

01202017first-visit-from-nana-32 01202017first-visit-from-nana-31 01202017first-visit-from-nana-29 01202017first-visit-from-nana-25 01202017first-visit-from-nana-17 01202017first-visit-from-nana-14 01202017first-visit-from-nana-11Then we had to leave, but I hope to get up to NJ one more time before he turns one year old.  Our son visits him once a month and Declan’s Grandmother Malone keeps in touch with me almost daily and sends us pictures every day that she is with him.

Final goodbye from Nana!

Final goodbye from Nana!


Bye Daddy!

Bye Daddy!


One last bottle from Daddy before we leave.

One last bottle from Daddy before we leave.

Declan lives about 450 miles from our farm in Virginia and it’s about a 7 1/2 hour drive.  01202017first-visit-from-nana-56 01202017first-visit-from-nana-54 01202017first-visit-from-nana-53Daddy will see you in February and Nana will keep in touch daily!

Birthday Gifts From Family

I had a birthday back in December and was blessed with some beautiful gifts from my family and friends.

My granddaughter came to see me and brought me this beautiful bouquet that lasted two weeks.   She spent over an hour with me just catching up on her very busy life!

My granddaughter came to see me and brought me this beautiful bouquet that lasted two weeks. She spent over an hour with me just catching up on her very busy life!

My son-in law came to visit with my daughter and he bought me this poinsettia and the leaves sparkled.  He included a card that made me misty and a gift card.

My son-in law came to visit with my daughter and he bought me this poinsettia and the leaves sparkled. He included a card that made me misty and a gift card.

My daughter as always overdid in the gift department and she brought me these beauties!

Scoop necked t-shirts because I've got bleach spots on all of my old ones!

Scoop necked t-shirts because I’ve got bleach spots on all of my old ones!

Another huge poinsettia and I'm going to try real hard to make them live until next December!  I know there's a trick to it but I haven't figured it out yet!


Another huge poinsettia and I’m going to try real hard to make them live until next December! I know there’s a trick to it but I haven’t figured it out yet!

She has a real knack for finding cards that make me weepy and they mean so much because I know she meant every word the card had printed!

Heather bought me this beautiful yard ornament for my flower beds and even though the rose garden looks horrid right now this beauty really pretty's the place up!!

Heather bought me this beautiful yard ornament for my flower beds and even though the rose garden looks horrid  now but this beauty really pretty’s the place up!!


Up close you can see all the detail in it and it stands about five feet tall and spins in all directions.  I was with her on a shopping trip when she got and didn't even notice!!!

Up close you can see all the detail in it and it stands about five feet tall and spins in all directions. I was with her on a shopping trip when she got and didn’t even notice!!!









My son took us out to eat for my birthday a few days later at a new restaurant in New Castle call Bibo’s and I had the most wonderful calzone I’ve ever eaten.

Hubby never forgets my birthday and he had my gift hidden for a few days at the other farm but it arrived the night before so I could help him get it in the house where I wanted it!

My brand new recliner!!!

My brand new recliner!!!

It swallows me and it's so comfortable and warm!  I just love him for shopping for it because ihe hates shopping and to get something like this is just unreal!!!

It swallows me and it’s so comfortable and warm! I just love him for shopping for it because he hates shopping and to get something like this is just unreal!!!  I look like a big bear hibernating!! 🙂










I got beautiful cards from friends, hand-knitted wash cloths from Margaret (early gift) , birthday wishes from email and blogging friends and this beautiful charm from a special friend that I used to work with!

Cheryl, a Farm Bureau friend, gave me this beautiful charm and I have it on my angel tree in the guest room!

Cheryl, a Farm Bureau friend, gave me this beautiful charm and I have it on my angel tree in the guest room!

All of these are given with love and make me realize how blessed I am to have them all in my life!  I never regret birthdays and getting older, I cherish them and thank God above that he still allows me to be on this earth with my loving family and friends another year!


Handmade Gifts for my Grandson

I still haven’t seen my grandson and he turned 6 months old yesterday.  He’s growing like a weed and Grandmother Malone told me weighed almost 13 pounds at his last checkup.  She also tells me he smiles all the time!

I made these little sets for him for Christmas and my son will take them to him in two weeks.  I hope he’ll still be able to wear what I made and the things the family bought him for Christmas.

Yellow toboggan/beanie and mittens.

Yellow toboggan/beanie and mittens.

Dark blue toboggan

Dark blue toboggan

Baby blue toboggan & mittens

Baby blue toboggan & mittens

Crocheted coverlet for bed, carseat and floor to play on.

Crocheted coverlet for bed, carseat and floor to play on.

I want to make some bibs, which no baby ever has enough of, a quilt and some more hats and mittens if he’s grown out of the ones he gets very soon!  I want to make him some booties but need to wait until his Dad can measure his foot for me.  I’ll mail them to Grandmother Malone for him when they’re made.

2017 Bucket List

My Bucket List for 2017

1st and foremost, meet my baby grandson that lives in New Jersey!

Declan Bryant on his first New Years Day!

Declan Bryant on his first New Years Day!

2nd Finish the snowman quilt and sampler quilt in my sewing room.

Block for Snowman quilt

Block for Snowman quilt

Blocks for Sampler Quilt

Blocks for Sampler Quilt

3rd  Dinner once a month for my kids at our house.

I love family meals!!

I love family meals!!

4th  Paint or have my living room renovated and painted.

5th  Clean up and clean out my laundry room which used to be the pump room/milk house that our ancestors used to keep the milk products really cold.

6th  Build up my rose garden.

The rose garden isn't very pretty in the winter time.                                  The rose garden isn’t very pretty in the winter time.

7th  Landscape my gazebo and put in a fire pit at the gazebo for nightly star-gazing!

Gazebo summer 2016

Gazebo summer 2016

8th  Move my chickens into their new abode.

9th  Have one more yard/estate sale at the mansion with my daughter.

Image may contain: indoor

2016 sale went quite well and we’ll have just as many treasures in 2017!

10th  Take a one-day road trip with hubby just to get away!

This doesn’t seem like a big list but finishing it within 12 months will be a huge undertaking.  Wish me luck!

Letters to Declan

Declan is growing!!  He is our second grandchild and only grandson!

Declan is growing!! He is our second grandchild and only grandson!

Dear Declan,

Nana and Papa are in what looks like a Halloween fog today but it’s supposed to warm up later this morning. Hunting season is very unusual this year and it’s too hot to hunt.

We’re preparing for winter even though it’s very warm. The woodhouse is almost full of firewood and I’ve filled three large boxes with kindling. The few apples that we had this year have been picked and made into applesauce which I bet you will love and Nana canned 20 half gallons of apple juice. We don’t buy a lot of food that we eat unless it flour and sugar. Granny Barbara can tell you about all of the fruit and vegetables that we grow and can. We’re a natural farm and raise chickens, cows, and rabbits. Victoria adopted one of our bunnies from the last batch and named her Leila.

This is Leila and Victoria's new baby!

This is Leila and Victoria’s new baby!

She’s brown and very pretty and loves to play with Victoria. Her cat, Boo-Boo and dog, Jip, are afraid of the bunny. Isn’t that funny?!?!?!

We have about 65 cows and 30 calves on the farm now and three bulls. The farm looks like a golden forest at the moment but those golden leaves are falling really fast.

We have three ponds on the farm and each one holds different breeds of fish. The big pond has bass, perch and carp in it. The carp help keep the pond clean and we have a paddle boat that we use during the summer. Victoria loves to go out in the middle of the pond in the boat and read where it’s quiet. The smallest pond is used to raise minnows that Papa uses to trout fish with. The middle pond is loaded with bass and catfish. We want to catch out the bass and put them in the big pond.  Victoria wants to teach you how to fish when you come to the farm.

I’ll tell you more about the farm as time goes on and hope that Granny Malone will read this to you. She has been to the farm and likes the quiet and beauty of the country. I hope one day you will be able to come to the farm and learn to love it as much as we do.

I hope you have a grand day with Granny and want you to know that we love you very, very much.

Love, hugs and kisses, Nana

Grandson Update

He is so adorable and I can only imagine what he is like in real life.

He is so adorable and I can only imagine what he is like in real life.

His Granny Malone holding him.

His Granny Malone holding him.

Declan rides home from hospital on September 21st , 2016.

Declan rides home from hospital on September 21st , 2016.

Our grandson, Declan, is finally out of the hospital and appears to be doing well. We got word this morning that he now weighs 6 pounds 2.5 ounces and the doctor is impressed with his weight gain. His Daddy weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces when he was born.  He will continue to wear a apnea monitor but we are not sure how long that will continue. Our son was going to visit him this weekend in New Jersey but has come down with a sinus infection and is afraid to go.

I can only dream of holding him for now and wish we could have more pictures of him but they don’t come very often.  I’m  keeping a journal of  what we know about him and of pictures of him to share with him.  I’ve also started a collection of books to read to him hopefully in the near future.

This is all we know for now but I know in my heart that God will make sure he knows about his other family in Virginia and will provide a way for all of us to see him soon!!


Declan means “man of prayer”!


Father’s Day with Mr. Caldwell

Father’s Day at Caldwell Farms was blessed with glorious weather and our kids and granddaughter with us.

Dad/Papa at his best

Dad/Papa at his best

I fixed him a big breakfast of his favorite pancakes, maple syrup and sausages and then presented him with my gifts for being a wonderful Dad.  I got him a honey extractor, double strainer and honey de-capper.

Honey extractor makes for staining honey straight from the frames.

Honey extractor makes for staining honey straight from the frames.

We pop the frames that hold the uncapped honeywells down inside the basket of the extractor, put the lid on and turn the handle which spins the honey out of the comb.  The comb can be re-used several times.

We pop the frames that hold the uncapped honeycomb  inside the basket of the extractor, put the lid on and turn the handle which spins the honey out of the comb. The comb can be re-used several times.

Our oldes, Shawn, spent the day with us.

Our oldest, Shawn, spent the day with us.

Shawn knows how much his Dad enjoys going to Cracker Barrell and gifted his Dad with a gift certificate.  We like to go there for breakfast every couple of months.

Heather and Victoria enjoyed the sunshine "together" after Heather spent the morning teddering hay

Heather and Victoria enjoyed the sunshine “together” after Heather spent the morning teddering hay.  Victoria loves sitting on mom at any occasion!!

Heather gifted her Dad with some new bibs, gloves and a new box of honeycomb.  I think once our hay is off the ground and rolled we’ll be taking care of business with the beehives.

Graduation 2016

Our beautiful granddaughter has grown up and graduated from high school!  We’re all so very, very proud of her and know she can accomplish anything she sets her mind too when she wants to.  I want to share our evening watching her walk down the aisle and get that diploma.

Scholarship awarded

Scholarship awarded

Diploma from high school principal.

Diploma from high school principal.

Parents, Victoria, and maternal grandparents.

Parents, Victoria, and maternal grandparents.

She's holding it together pretty good!

She’s holding it together pretty good!

Victoria and her two best friends, Rachel and Amber.

Victoria and her two best friends, Rachel and Amber.

I leave my granddaughter with this quote from Steve Jobs:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

Victoria Elizabeth, we love you and are very proud of you!  Nana

Crazy Month of May, the First Chapter

I don’t even know where to begin. My daughter and I decided to have an Estate/Yard sale and for the entire month, we gathered, took pictures, priced, organized and prepared for the largest yard sale I’ve ever seen that was for one family. Of course, it was four generations of collections of one family, the Caldwells. It was a history of the Caldwell family that was taking up too much space and after watching my daughter dealing with my mother-in-laws estate and the clean-out of her house,  I decided I would not do that to my children after I’m gone.

We cleaned out my house, the Mansion, and the remains of what Heather and her Dad cleaned out of her grandmother’s “stuff” and had our sale on Saturday. It included, antiques from three or four generations ago, household items from our home, Heather’s home, my husband’s grandmother and aunt & uncle, and his grandfather and great-grandfather, tools, and we filled three entire rooms of the Mansion, the front  porch and the yard.

We advertised on Facebook, our personal email contacts and asked everyone to share the details. We did really well and I was blessed to see so many old friends and acquaintances including my Dad’s best friend, Bobby Rose.  What a treat to have him here on the farm.  There’s a wonderful family story behind this which I will share at a later date.

We worked the sale with the help of a very special friend, JoAnn, my granddaughter and one of her best friends.  We were too busy to take pictures during the day but I will share a few pictures of the treasures that left the farm.

IMG_0083 IMG_0074 IMG_0064

Wood cookstove in excellent  shape.

Wood cookstove in excellent shape.

Antique churn

Antique churn

Old toys

Old toys



Box after box of bottles, jars, insulators.

Box after box of bottles, jars, insulators.

Tool sharpener

Tool sharpener



Stoves of all sorts but we only sold two.  We still have propane, wood, wood/coal stoves.

Stoves of all sorts but we only sold two. We still have propane, wood, wood/coal stoves.

Bowl & pitcher

Bowl & pitcher

IMG_0071 IMG_0032 IMG_0011 IMG_0090 IMG_0033

This is just a teeny-tiny bit of what left the farm.  The rooms of the house were as full as we could get them.  It was a beautiful day and the cleanup has begun!!