A Look At My Canning Season

I just came from the cellar and it’s unbelievable. The shelves are at full capacity on one wall. The other wall is reserved for empty jars and items we’ll can in the fall like juice and meat.

The picture doesn’t even show the pickles, jams and jellies but most of those are from the last two years.
This column is all types of beans and potatoes. I try to can any leftover potatoes from the prior year when we plant our new crop each year.
This column holds my cabbage, peaches, pumpkin (last year), sauces, kraut, and tomatoes.
Pickles, apple butter, maple syrup, jams and jellies from last year.
This is our potato bin which will hold over 12 bushel. This years crop will be the test of the strength and size of the bin because we have eleven rows to dig and store.
The opposite wall holds all of the empty canning jars and the middle shelf holds apple and grape juice, The bottom shelf will hold all of the venison I hope and plan to can.
Squash, canned and frozen
Beautiful carrots canned for soups and stews this winter. We didn’t raise the carrots, I caught five pound bags on sale and brought them home to can.
Cabbage for boiled and kraut.
Tomatoes for juice, sauces and whole for cooking.
Transparent applesauce and more to come in September and October.
Green beans, didn’t can too many because we had about 50 quarts leftover.
Fresh peaches were early and we have some late ones ripening now but they’re very small.

I could go on and on but the walk into the cellar to put my pizza sauce on the shelves just screamed “it’s time for another post.

14 thoughts on “A Look At My Canning Season

  1. tonytomeo

    Oh my! I SO miss my pantry, almost as much as the garden. I intend to make next year better, although I may not can much until the following winter. Fruit is not as abundant nowadays, but I find all sort of interesting things to stash at work.

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  2. Seasonsgirl

    This is amazing… I have to say I am jealous of the space you have to store these goodies and all you have canned so far. I only have a small space for storing what I can, so I freeze a lot too. Glad you guys are stocked up for the winter. Great job!!!


        1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

          I wash, core, don’t peel, cook until apples are done! Run through our food meal (peels are given to the chickens and cows). Cool and pour into saved Cool Whip containers or any other freezer container. I usually put about two – three cups in each container. My applesauce cake recipes call for two cups and that makes it easy whip up fast.


          1. Seasonsgirl

            Thank you for that information. I make my apple sauce a similar way, but I’m going to try your way this time and freeze some. Thank you! How do you make your applesauce cake?


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I have three freezers and only one is full at the moment but hope the apples will help fill one and venison & squirrel fill the other. Canned food will last as long as the cans remained sealed and if processed correctly, you could have an endless food supply. Canned goods need to be stored in a cool, dry and dark space and for us that is our cellar which is mostly underground with another building over the top of it. It’s probably 100+ years old and still in good shape and it has a concrete pad over the original dirt floor.


  3. navasolanature

    You have an amazing store cupboard and look ready for any crisis! Here in UK there is a problem with distribution of food products and lack of drivers etc! We are told the supermarket shelves will be empty for Christmas?? You inspire me to get canning while there is a harvest.



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