A Good Day To Blog

Actually every day is a good day to blog UNLESS you’re so busy with priority jobs such as canning, fencing, cooking, cleaning and all of the less fun things that MUST be done. I love to write but find less and less time to do it. It clears my mind and reminds me of what all has been keeping me occupied.

Yesterday the temps here at 4:00 in the afternoon hit 100* and I don’t think anyone should be out in that heat!! Today is supposed to be more of the same so I plan to freeze corn today INSIDE and post as many stories as I possibly can to try to catch up with myself!!

Hope you have an amazing day and stay cool!!

6 thoughts on “A Good Day To Blog

  1. Jane Fritz

    When at least some of us say we’re tired of summer, that sure says something about the extremes we’ve all been experiencing, wherever we are. We’re in the 90s up here in Canada. Even my flowers are tired of the heat and humidity! Rita, your list of chores puts mine to shame. I’ll think of you while I’m washing some badly neglected windows today – on the inside!

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  2. Barbara Malone

    SO tired of summer! Enjoy your “cool” day ❤ We had a small break on Sunday, squeezed in between days of torrential rain and a new heat wave, so I made my peach raspberry jam. I really enjoy mixing flavors. A friend has promised me a big crop of concord grapes, so that will be the next job. At least I'll deal with them at my sister-in-law's air conditioned condo! We used to always make our jams together, but she moved an hour away a few years ago. She lost her husband (suddenly) last year and has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer, so it's time we teamed up again.



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