A Busy Week

What a week and thank goodness it was a cool one up until today. The garden is drying up and I’ve been scrambling to save and can as much as possible!

Even in the heat, yellow squash keeps blooming and producing.

I’ve frozen some shredded for squash pie, cubed some for casseroles, and sliced some to saute with onions as a side dish. I’ve given away so many of them and they’re still coming even as dry as it is.

Beautiful carrots canned for soups and stews this winter.
Five heads of cabbage was shredded and in my 10 gallon crock fermenting for sauerkraut.
The green beans are gone but not before we got two garden baskets filled and thankfully someone needed them more than I did.

The dry season has not effected my yellow tomatoes or the plum tomatoes. I canned 16 pints of whole tomatoes and the plum tomatoes are being gathered and waiting to be processed into tomato sauce later this week.

Mr. Stripey tomatoes will sure taste good in all kinds of dishes this winter.

That sums up the gardening portion of the week and I’m so tired I honestly can’t remember what else we did but it had a lot to do with farming, cattle and family!! See you next time!!!

6 thoughts on “A Busy Week

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I’m afraid the hills are mostly golden brown now here on the farm but most of Virginia is worse than we are. Our hayfields got a touch of moisture right after they were cut in early July and at the moment they are green but no rain in sight.

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      1. Jane Fritz

        Oh dear. So sorry to hear this. I know it’s like this for farmers out in the west in Canada, not to mention the terrible forest fires. I hope things improve very soon.


  1. tonytomeo

    Oh, I miss the garden SO much. It is already overrun with bramble and weeds, after only one season of neglect. There was no canning last year, since all the produce was consumed by neighbors.



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