Declan Goes Fishing

Our grandson came for a visit back in May and we had such an awesome visit. His cousin, Victoria and friend, came for a visit as well and they all went fishing. Declan was more interested in all the lures that were being used. They had a blast!!!

Fishing with Brandi
Treasure box of lures
It’s really hard to make him understand what a hook is and how it might stick his finger.
Victoria loves to fish and we’re hoping Declan will also.
He really like the rubber worms and frogs.
That wiggling perch didn’t do a thing for him but he loved being there with the girls.
The gazebo swing is a favorite place for he and myself. He’s figuring out how to fix the old reel he found in the tackle box.
Positive time with each other at the pond!!!

5 thoughts on “Declan Goes Fishing

  1. Jane Fritz

    What sweet pictures. I’m so glad you had this wonderful visit with Declan. We’re having similar visits with our grandchildren in Ontario, the first time since Christmas 2019. What does Barbara mean that she hopes you feel better each day?! I hope you do, too, Rita.



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