My Spring Flowers

Our spring began with these adorable flowers, crocus!

Our spring began with these adorable beauties and then the blossoms came from everywhere.

Hubby bought me this heavenly hydrangea for Mother’s Day.

Fushcia was an additional joy from him on Mother’s Day. My kids brought me ferns and fresh cut tulips.

Now the porch is full of flowers and so is the yard with perennials blooming everywhere.

The flowers are gorgeous this year! We have three gardens one of which is full of potatoes. The second is full of baby corn (Chires), five different squash, cantaloupes, and sunflowers. The main garden has tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, green beans, corn, romaine, peppers, potatoes (3 rows), onions, cabbage and broccoli. All of this kept me busy while my computer was awaiting repairs.

Time to get back to work!!! It’s raining again!

7 thoughts on “My Spring Flowers

  1. Colin

    Your garden is a credit to you. Certainly green fingers.
    As you know we in the Southern Hemisphere have just started winter
    and believe you me, some strange wintery weather with SNOW, has
    Thankfully this cold weather and in some areas severe flooding is killing the
    mice plague. Just when crops were doing well after prolonged droughts,
    the MICE appear in millions.
    Devastating for the farming fraternity.
    Never a dull comment on the land, eh?
    Colin ( who is rugged up a la Eskimo fashion !)


  2. Carol Trutt

    I’m jealous! I think I have too much shade in the front so certain things aren’t blooming. I did have some nice flowers ready to bloom but the darn deer ate them!!!
    Absolutely beautiful!!



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