They’re Here

I put my hummingbird feeders out every year on April 15th and I’m so excited because my first little feathered friend showed up at the feeder about 30 minutes ago. My daughter thinks I need to crochet him a jacket so he doesn’t freeze tonight!! NOT!! Feathers work better!! 🙂

The formula for the syrup is four parts water to one part sugar! NO DYES!! They’ll love you for it during this migration and when those little feathered friends come to stay for summer I’ll have lots of red, pink and orange blossoms for them!! They also love my moonflowers and blue balloon flowers.

Here’s a few of photos of past hummingbird visits:

3 thoughts on “They’re Here

  1. Jane Fritz

    Isn’t it amazing how they show up at exactly the same time every year and fully expect their food to be ready for them?! They usually reach here around May 15. Because I was preoccupied with the strange new world in which we found ourselves plus impending shoulder surgery, I forgot to get the hummingbird feeder out. The little guy showed up flying in place right outside our living room window where the feeder should have been hanging! He was one step ahead of me! I use the same “recipe”, clearly a favorite. Enjoy them, Rita.



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