Maple Syrup Time Has Passed But. . .

A few jars of syrup were canned this spring.

With yet another weird spring we managed to collect about 80 gallons of sugar maple sap in 2021. It was cold and blustery but hubby tapped those trees anyway and cooked off the syrup on our propane turkey fryer in the garage. A small tank of gas boiled down about 10 gallon of sap in about 5-6 hours which gives us about a quart of maple syrup in each run. The syrup was cooked down in the garage, moved to my kitchen to strain three times and cook down to desired thickness. We thought it was probably the thickest we’ve ever made. Trying to farm and cook off syrup at the same time became a little harried at times and two pots became scorched near the end and had to be thrown out!! But in all it was a quick process and we processed 15 pints and half pints this year. The end product was worth it and those plates of French toast were delicious.

French toast from homemade bread, duck eggs and homemade maple sugar sure are yummy!!

4 thoughts on “Maple Syrup Time Has Passed But. . .

  1. tonytomeo

    One of the many disadvantages of our mild climate is the lack of a sugaring season. Bigleaf maple, which is the sugaring maple of British Columbia, is native here and even farther south, but because of the climate, foliates almost as soon as the sap starts to flow. Also, there are not many of them, although I would like to move the seedlings around for more. I get very little syrup form them. I only got it because my colleagues told me that it is not possible. It really is not practical.

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  2. Carol Trutt

    Soooo good. I haven’t made french toast forever. Need to make some and have with your delicious syrup 🤗🥰



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