Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!

Donald and Daisy enjoying the sun and water!
They love the water until the snapping turtles arrive and then they live in the mountain stream that feeds our ponds.
These young things joined the farm on the 7th of March from my brother who lives in Franklin County. He bought me two ducks and two drakes because he didn’t have the water he knew they would love. The two in the back are the hens.
They had never seen so much water!! The first day I kept them in the duck house and the second day we led them to the water feeding little piles of feed along the way. It didn’t take anytime for them to know where home was, where the feed was and more importantly where the water was. It’s so much fun watching them. In the evening before dusk hits we get a couple cups of corn in a plastic bucket and when it rattles they know it’s the last meal of the day before the shut away from predators of the night.
And their gift to me for having them on the farm are these beautiful eggs that go in our bread and other baked goods.
Good grooming after a dip in the pond!!
Strolling along like all good ducks do!!
Donald is still king of the flock and the young drakes know it!
And Sadie wonders why they don’t like to play with her. She and Donald have always been good wrestling buddies!!

3 thoughts on “Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!

  1. Jane Fritz

    How wonderful. We have two pair of ducks that come and swim and waddle around in the stream in our backyard, but they’re in-the-wild mallards, and they come and they go as they please. If they honored us with their nest and eggs, we’d have to let them raise their chicks and watch them all swim out to the river.


  2. Colin

    I reckon even those ducks would be sick of all the wet weather and flooding that we are having here in Australia at present. I think I live on the wettest part of planet Earth.
    I wonder has all the Pacific coastline weather here in Australian and into the west been shown on US TV??????????????
    10 days of nothing but in some areas torrential rain and the flooding is horrendous,
    homes floating down torrents of water and stranded livestock all over the place.
    It is so saddening to see.
    Some regions DID badly need the rain – in the west but not the coast.
    It makes next summer IF no summer rain a terrible fire hazard.
    The Weather Gods are certainly in a foul mood.
    PS: it will be soon now with Mother – all the family are here in Terrigal at present.
    I’ll keep you posted.


  3. Trutt Carol

    Donald and Daisy what a couple? Sorry Sadie can’t split this duo up. But I love the way Donald goes after Sadie.



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