Gratitude and Love

On February 4th Eddie and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary by staying on the farm and enjoying a peaceful day! On Febrary 4, 1972, we eloped to Sparta, North Carolina so we could spend the rest of our lives together.

Graduation photo 1969
Graduation 1971
Our 25th year together

I’m still very much in love with this man and very grateful he chose me as his wife and soulmate for life!!

8 thoughts on “Gratitude and Love

  1. Seasonsgirl

    Congrats and happy anniversary. A true testament to what true love is about and that with hard work and dedication as well as the right focus a marriage can last a lifetime 🙂 Here is to 50 and many more!


  2. Colin

    49 years ago !!!!!…………very Greek – off to Sparta????????????
    You could have gone to Troy??????
    Oh I am being naughty…………it’s the weird weather here????
    Your “naughty” Aussie mate


  3. carol trutt

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! 49 years, I’m sure it feels like forever too! Gorden and I will be 47 years. We were babies like the 2 of you. Crazy! Love you guys


  4. Jane Fritz

    Oh, Rita, what a lovely post. Congratulations on almost 50 years. Just think, when you celebrate that one next Feb 4 the world will no longer be constrained by a pandemic (fingers crossed). Your graduation pictures are beautiful. Just a few years behind me. When you’re lucky enough to marry the right person with whom to grow old(er), it’s a blessing. You’ve been blessed, as has Eddie! (And as have I.)



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