Another One Bit the Dust

Hubby is getting pretty good trapping with snares and this second male coyote was caught Tuesday morning in the field with the cattle. Since catching the other one last week we had been hearing another in the same area. Sadie barks all night when they’re around and howling and her hair stands on end when she hears them. The pack is dwindling but no females yet even though we know they’re around. Now that bear chase season is over, Mr. will be setting more snares, he doesn’t like catching hunters dogs in these traps and we alert our neighbors that traps are set so we don’t catch their dogs.

3 thoughts on “Another One Bit the Dust

  1. Carol Trutt

    That’s scary!! I’m surprised they haven’t gone after your chickens. Please make sure Sadie is safe and the other hounds. Of course yourself and Eddie. Crap I forgot your daughter and her husband are there too. Do they have any dogs?


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      Sadie barks at them when they’re howling but if they anywhere near she stays on the porch or in the house. They normally do most of their hunting at night and my chickens are shut in by then. Our biggest worry with them is a pack attacking a cow when she is delivering a calf or immediately after. They’ll come in as a pack and most distract the cow while others steal the calf away. The calves are most vulnerable from day of birth to two months old. They will kill cats and dogs right out of the yard if hungry enough.


  2. Jane Fritz

    Oh my God, Rita! First of all, that is a first class pic of Eddie and his catch. You have to watch for bears as well???!!! Yikes. We only had to do that with our bee hives. You are really giving your readers a sense of all the risks farmers are up against, not only the weather, upfront costs, and no control over supply and demand, but also woods filled with livestock predators. Holy mackerel. The expression “stay safe” takes on a whole new meaning!



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