Coyote Trouble

Well the aggravating coyotes are terrorizing our livestock again.

Hubby caught this one in a snare on the fenceline of our property and neighbor where our cattle stay in the winter months.

Please don’t give us grief for killing the beast. When we’re trying so hard to make a living these day with our cattle, we do everything possible to save the calves born and then stolen away by these vicious animals.

Our area is full of them and they keep our dogs upset night and day but we don’t dare let them out to protect because a pack or even a large male coyote would tear our dogs to bits.

We had a professional hunter come in to hunt them but with no luck! These animals are so alert to the sounds the callers make and won’t come near them, so he was not successful in seeing or hearing them. This is why we and neighboring farms set snares for them.

We have heard in recent nights, three – four different packs in our area. There is no bounty and the wildlife officers are too busy with hunting violations to give any assistance so we do what we can on our own.

5 thoughts on “Coyote Trouble

  1. Seasonsgirl

    You poor thing that is awful. I hate when our chickens are being stalked by predator’s. We had a hawk get one a couple months ago and before have had foxes. Also had some opossums around the coop caught on our trap cam. Two of those were on the road dead though so not as worried about them anymore. Also the neighbor sent us a picture of a bear that is roaming our area. I hope you catch every coyote that is bothering your livestock. Sorry you have to go through this. I know people say it is a part of having animals, but it is one of the worst parts. Will be praying for you!


  2. Carol Trutt

    That’s horrible!! And scary. Did they get any calfs? Hugs to you, Eddy, Sadie, Donald, Daisy and all the other critters. Please be safe! Love you


  3. Jane Fritz

    OMG, Rita, that’s terrible. Four PACKS??!!! Wow. Here we rarely see more than one lone coyote. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. I know life’s not always fair, but still. It’s amazing that (1) there’s such a thing as a professional hunter and (2) he couldn’t get any. Gosh, I hope the snares do the trick. Thinking of you.



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