Goodreads Fan

Are you a member of Goodreads? I am and it’s the time of year where we set a challenge for ourselves. I’m an avid reader and my challenge for 2020 was 20 books and I met the challenge with 26 novels.

The Stolen Canvas (Annie's Attic Myster…

This is the current novel I started last night and I love the Annie’s Attic mysteries. I read several of the mysteries in 2020 and have a few more of the series. They’re written by several authors but all pertain to the main character and items she’s inherited which are found in the attic of her childhood home.

Back to Goodreads, I’ve found hundreds of books on this site that I’ve read and plan to read. Gloomy days like today are great for snuggling in your favorite chair with a good book!

Check out the site and see if you don’t agree. You can also follow my page and get reviews on the books you want to read!

My challenge for 2021 is to read 35 books and I think I”ll meet it without a problem! Read a good book, you’ll be glad you entertained yourself during these crazy times.

4 thoughts on “Goodreads Fan

  1. Jane Fritz

    I haven’t been a member of Goodreads, but after reading your post, I think I’d better join. What a good idea. I just go to their website and sign up, right? Something positive to add to 2021! Thanks, Rita.


  2. Barbara Malone

    I love to read and am a member of Goodreads, but I often don’t remember to log in my books. I read almost exclusively audiobooks these days because I can do other things — dishes, crochet, knit, folding laundry! Currently reading The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes and loving it!


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      That one is on my “to read” list too. I always add my audio books to my challenge. This past year though my travel, which is when I listened to them, was cut majorly due to the virus. Luckily all of my audio books were listened to before the travel was cut short. I don’t miss the travel!! 🙂



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