Still Looking for Ducks

Donald and Daisy are the only ducks I currently have.

I’ve had these two ducks for almost three years and Daisy has given me beautiful eggs almost the entire time. She currently is in winter hiatus, I believe. I’ve been looking for more Pekin ducks for over a year with no luck.

Daisy lays beautiful large white eggs and I use them in all of my baking when I have them.

If I don’t find 3-5 more by spring I will raise some and hopefully the majority of them will be ducks and not drakes.

One duck eggs is equal to two large chicken eggs or three medium chicken eggs.

So spring will find me bringing new ducks, chickens and turkeys to the farm. With all this poultry and the greenhouse, I should be a busy but very happy farm girl!!

3 thoughts on “Still Looking for Ducks

  1. tonytomeo

    I still prefer hen eggs. I know I should get over it. Ducks tend to be less risky here. For some reason, the raccoons and bobcats are less likely to bother them. There were no domestic ducks where I lived in town, but wild ducks sometimes came into the yard to eat the snails. I said mean things to them, but they just kept on with their business. They seemed to know that I dislike duck, but appreciated them eating the snails. Just before I relocated from there, a duck came in to see what we were watching on television. It was SO tempting. I wanted to tell her that there was something more interesting than television in the kitchen. I just dislike ducks, and did not want to exploit one who was so nice. They became docile in our neighborhood, where neighbors gave them treats.

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