Greenhouse Update

What a challenging project my greenhouse became!!

We had to cover the greenhouse mid summer because the temperatures were registering well over 1008 and the vegetable plants were dying!!

I loved getting the greenhouse started, planting seeds, watching them sprout, growing and wilting!!  I got started in April but the weather was always too cold or too wet. We had to run propane heat lamps when the weather was freezing at night.  We didn’t get any of the garden started until early June.

Nearly all of my seeds germinated but when it started getting warm everything  either died or stopped growing.  I knew the heat was the problem but I had all four vent windows open and the entry door was open as well. I found out to late that I needed fans to circulate the hot air and give the plants some artificial wind.  I don’t have electricity in the greenhouse but will have in 2021.  We’re currently looking at solar power just for the greenhouse.  We plan to put a fan in the back upper window of the greenhouse to pull in air and one in the front upper window to exhaust the heat.  We decided to put a tarp over the top of the roof to reflect the heat and that helped some.  I decided to put my tomato and cabbage plants on the floor and under the potting tables and they started growing but not in time to make it to the garden.

I had 8 foot tables on each side wall and a stainless steel table on the back wall.  The stainless steel table will come out in 2021 because it reflected the heat and at times was hot enough to burn you.  It will be an outdoor transition table for 2021 with a vinyl cover on the surface so it doesn’t burn the plant roots.

These plants just wilted everyday and we finally went to our favorite greenhouse lady in town and got some Mr. Stripeys and some San Marazano’s and put them in the garden in mid-June.  They did well from being planted so late and August was full of canning all sorts of sauces and tomatoes.

In September I cleaned the greenhouse out except for some perennial flowers that were doing quite well and bloom in their second season and some apple trees I started from seed to plant as root stock in 2021.  I also cleaned out all of the pots, trays, etc. with white vinegar and they are resting until spring 2021.  

Now I anxiously await my seed catalogs to while away the winter browsing!!

5 thoughts on “Greenhouse Update

  1. Colin

    You and “the other half, Eddie, sure have been busy little bees. Looks most impressive and I am sure will be a success.
    Colin from one country which takes note of medical experts – Covid 19 – no deaths now for
    a couple of weeks and just a very small area of lockdown.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      While you'[re country is surviving the pandemic my countrymen are so stupid and will NOT adhere to scientology or CDC EXPERTS rules but will follow an idiot into a storm!!! I’m so ashamed to even call them countrymen and women!!!
      Deer season ends today and I may have a bit more to can or freeze but I know that the shelves and freezers are full of good nutritious food for me and my family.
      Now is the time to prepare a cold arctic blast projected for the next week. I have plenty to do and will keep the home fires burning.
      You take care and keep in touch!!


  2. Jane Fritz

    As frustrating as it is, and sometimes disappointing, one of the things I love about gardening, and farming in general, is how much learning is continually involved. It never stops. Thanks for sharing all the learning you’ve gone through with your greenhouse, Rita. That’s a very impressive project. We shall await reports on how the solar energy addition works!

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  3. Carol Trutt

    It was truly a crazy year for growing most things except those wonderful zinnia and moon flowers!!! I know you had major issues but know next year will be great! Solar is a great idea! Love you bunches



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