A Season of Change

The green is turning gold and brown, the wild grass seeds are a very few and the wind has a bite to it. My body is not ready for winter chill and blast of wind but I fear it is upon us!

This morning while fixing breakfast I looked out the kitchen window and saw a beautiful sight.

The backyard, where usually a hammock is swinging in the breeze, the ground was covered with little birds of all makes and sizes!! This is my winter bird feeding station and from the looks of it I really need to add more feeders.   I filled and hung the feeders last week and have seen titmouse, sparrows, yellow finches, red headed wrens, cardinals, Carolina finches and so many more breeds of small birds.  There’s also doves, bluejays, red-headed woodpeckers, Downy woodpeckers and more.  BUT, this morning the ground was ever so active with small birds.  I love them!

I love watching the birds and they will make my winter just a bit easier to contend with!

8 thoughts on “A Season of Change

  1. Colin

    Once upon a time – that is pre-Indian Mynah birds in Australia we saw these small birds of our area in gardens etc. Now NONE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the Mynahs have killed them all.
    It is a sad state of affairs and it sends me into a furious state.
    You are so lucky…………..enjoy these little wonders and pray no idiot introduces
    a pair of mynahs into northern America.
    The bloody Mynahs were brought to Australia is kill a wheat bug by the damn Pommie Colonial
    Office in 1912. The birds did NOT eat the bugs and the rest is history. They breed faster than guinea pigs and now from western Australia they are Australia wide.

    Have “FUN” with your golfing nutter. The world shudders.


      1. Colin

        Goodness – you strike a hard bargain.
        I’ll have to think……………..both do have similarities that’s for sure.
        I’ll email my considered (most carefully) options for the removal of both
        Most definitely will be then a prime candidate for the Nobel Prize for world
        improvement and governance.


  2. Jane Fritz

    Love those birds. That’s a great picture of the woodpecker on your feeder, Rita. He looks like a flicker. We have a lot of those birds way up here, too. Our birds at the feeders have been good at sharing with ground feeders, which had included squirrels and chipmunks as well as doves and other birds. However, now a rat has found this easy source of food and is attempting to dig his winter home right under the feeders, right by the back of our house. He and my husband are currently engaged in a war of ‘yes, I’m going to dig this hole’ versus ‘no, this hole is getting filled in and screened over’. It’s an open call as to who will win! I hope you and yours are thriving along with the birds. 😊



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