Training A Tree

We have two peach trees that came up on their own about four years ago and last year had delicious peaches on them.  One was a yellow freestone and the other a white freestone.  The trees due to location and the wind always seem to lean more each year toward the east and we were afraid they were going to be blown over.  Hubby to the rescue, again!!!

Peach tree upright

My husband saves EVERYTHING!  To fix the tree we waited until the ground was very wet (May and June gave us 8 inches of rain each) and I got on the lower side of the tree and started pushing it upright.  Hubby wrapped a piece of tire inner tube into a 8-10 inch length and folded it in half lengthwise around the lower half of the tree.  He then wrapped a heavy chain around the inner tube, attached a come-along to the chain which had been attached to a stake in the ground about six feet away and pulled the tree to a straight and steady position.  The attachment was left as it was for over a month and the ground had dried completely.  He then placed some permanent stakes to the tree to keep it growing straight and removed the straightening contraption  It looks great and the tree next to it is going through the same procedure.

3 thoughts on “Training A Tree

  1. tonytomeo

    Aggressive pruning decreases the weight as well as the resistance to wind. It should be pruned aggressively this winter anyway. I almost never encounter peach trees that get pruned sufficiently, although yours does not seem to be lacking pruning.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      We usually never prune in the first and second year and these are two year old peaches. I think they would have been full of peaches but we had to 30 below freezes in late May when all of the fruit was blooming. We’ll take of pruning all of them as soon as the sap is down and the cold is here for good which should be in about a month for our farm.

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  2. Jane Fritz

    Peaches?! I’m SOooo envious. They won’t grow here, although maybe that will be one eventual positive outcome of climate change! I love the block and tackle on the tree. That tree knows it had better shape up. 😏

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