Harvest Time???

Just a hint of what we harvested in August 2020

August was a month full of canning considering the garden we had this year considering the weather and late planting. Today I’m finishing the canning with tomato sauce seasoned with onions, garlic and green peppers. I have seven pints in the canner right now and then I’m done with the tomato canning for the year. We still have our potatoes to dig and should get a couple meals of corn on the cob. There’s no fruit at all, not even berries this year but I have enough in storage to make do.

 I absolutely need to get some lids and rings before another year. There is a major shortage of them in this pandemic world.  I have enough to can some venison and maybe some sausage using wide mouth jars .  

I’ve frozen lots of broccoli, sweet potatoes and a few whole green peppers stuffing.  No fruit of any kind and way to expensive to buy.

The broccoli was amazing this year and the sweet potatoes were bought from a local farm stand.

The coons just finished off the grape crop before they were really ready to pick and there’s a fox eating my chickens too. Eddie is stationed in the hen house as I write this trying to get the varmint before he gets anymore. I’m down to 10 young pullets and 10 older hens. I guess the wildlife is starving!!

The cellar is full from this year’s canning and last years.  Here’s a few of the beautiful jars of food for the coming year:

Spaghetti sauce made using my San Marazano tomatoes.
Whole tomatoes

The tomato sauce just finished it’s time and we canned three canners of green beans.  It’s been a busy month but things look good for winter storage of food.  This week will be another week of rainy weather then we hope it will dry enough to get the potatoes out of the ground before they rot.  They’re really looking nice!

Let me know if you would like to know the processes I use when canning and/or freezing our produce.  Stay safe!!

3 thoughts on “Harvest Time???

  1. tonytomeo

    Oh, it is all so enviable. The garden here got a late start, and was then abandoned because of obligations at work, and then abandoned again during the evacuation. It was dry and ashy when I got back a few days ago, but surprisingly intact. However, only the zucchini were overly productive. Tomatoes are satisfactory, but not excessively productive. With so many neighbors unemployed, surplus produce gets left out for whoever can use it, rather than canned. Lodgings at work had been unoccupied for the first time in history because of the Coronavirus, but will now be occupied by some of those whose homes burned. I wish there was more produce to share.
    The only beans that I ever canned before were green beans. The other beans get dried rather than canned.


  2. Jane Fritz

    Wow, I stand in awe. That’s really bad about the fox in the henhouse. We have a rat who’s thinking of taking up residence in a chipmunk hole about 4 ft from our house (conveniently located under a bird feeder). I hate rats. A rat ate almost all our baby chicks one year when we were farming; our neighbor said that when he came for the pigs he was moving! Give yourself a big pat on the back for all that completed canning.


  3. Barbara Malone

    Beautiful! I went to Shop-Rite this morning where I often get my lids and screw tops for jars. I looked for them, thinking of you. Not a one! Since when do people in central Jersey can anything???



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