New Bulls on the Farm

Hutton Bull
Second Hutton Bull

Our breeding bulls purchased in 2014 have outgrown their herds. Their size was a problem and one was throwing a lot of twins and the other was missing opportunities!

One of our neighbors, Andy Hutton, had some beautiful young bulls ready to put with our breeding stock and he gave us a great deal on two and hauled them to the farm which was about distance of 3-5 miles away.

We have two herds that will come into their breeding heats in June. These guys will be put with our four year old herd along with two of our more mature bulls, Mick and Arby. Each herd will have a young bull and a mature bull. In about 10 – 11 months we’ll see what kind of calves are on the field with their maams!

Spring herd that Mick and one of the younger bulls will sire.

2 thoughts on “New Bulls on the Farm

  1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

    The majority are black Angus with some black-white face and Gielbiev cross mixed in. We usually keep the bulls in for 60 – 90 days with our old cows because some are getting old. Eddie decided last fall that any cow no matter how old that didn’t have a live calf on the ground would go to market. The norm for us is to keep them on the farm and let them die on the farm. The market prices are so low the last two years that we can’t afford to do that. I’m afraid the bull in question this year has a lot to do with our open cows because the majority of the time our cows are healthy enough that they season 6-8 weeks after calving which gives that ninety days plenty of time to get bred. Mother Nature prevails when it’s meant to be.



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