Granddaughter’s Quilt Progress

IT’S DONE!!!  My grandaughter, Victoria, asked me last year to make her a quilt for Christmas.

Our 21 year old granddaughter!

I finished the quilt today!!  I’ll get it to her sometime this week.  It usually doesn’t take me a year to do a quilt because I have a friend that quilts and binds it after I do the piecing.  My friend isn’t doing it anymore so I completed it all by hand.  Thank the good Lord it was a simple quilt.  The following is a place in time for my quilting adventure with my granddaughter:

Victoria was so excited that it was completed that she stopped by and had supper with us so she could take it home.  It thrills my heart that she wanted something that her grandmother made with her own hands just for her!!! 

Maybe now I’ll complete the other two quilts I started a couple years ago!!  Stranger things have happened!!  🙂

9 thoughts on “Granddaughter’s Quilt Progress

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  2. Linda Pardue

    Rita thst is a beautiful quilt. Aunt Grace use to make quilts and we had several but they got so old and ragged that I finally got rid of. I slept so good with that quilt over me in they wintertime.


  3. Jane Fritz

    Hi Rita. As you know, I love reading about other people’s quilts. It’s gorgeous. Great colors. Tell the truth, aren’t you glad you hand-quilted it?! I’ve only made a baby quilt this year, for one of our nieces’ first grandchild. Maybe your post will inspire me. I hope you’re doing well. 😊



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