Hours Later, All Gone

We went to bed with 39 degrees and woke up to frost.  In just a few short hours its ruined!

Pear trees blooming.

Peaches next to the house.

Peaches at the end of the garden.

Green gages at the other end of the garden.

Second green gage and full of bloom

The apple trees are not blooming yet and one of my pear trees are just at the bud stage.  Three years in a row we’ve lost fruit to frost.  We have cherry trees high on the mountain and in our back orchard that may not have been hurt but this is April and frost is a normal spring thing!!!

Cherries in the mountain hayfield.

Cherries in the end of the other mountain hayfield. 

With this bloom gone we just have to pray that there will be enough other bloom not damaged and the honeybees will have enough to live on until we have more bloom.

6 thoughts on “Hours Later, All Gone

  1. tonytomeo

    How sad! That is SO frustrating. It happens here occasionally with rain, but it does not ruin fruit set completely, and it is so rare that when it happens, I can barely complain. These well blooming pictures must be the ‘before’ pictures. (?)
    What do you think of the ‘Green Gage’? What is it used for?


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      We live in a little valley with a mountain on the north and another on the south of us. The frost settle more prominently in the lowland where most of our fruit trees live. We could put more on the higher slopes but the deer would make quick work of them. Closer to home we can protect them from the critters most of the time.

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      1. tonytomeo

        Orchard were the main industry of the Santa Clara Valley decades ago. The climate is still very reliable and temperate. I would not like hard frosts. Many of the native plants, although resilient to drought, are intolerant to frost.


  2. Just another day on the farm

    I am so sorry to hear this, we have had a number of springs that are doing the same.. to warm and then everything blooms out and then frost and fruit losts.. so far this year, Its been a cool long slow start to spring and so I am hopeful.. hope you get at least some that make it and for sure on feeding the bees.



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