Preserving Season Has Begun Again

We love Creasy Green which others may call Field Cress or Dryland Cress.  We haven’t had any on this farm though we’ve tried several times.  We’ve concluded that the ground is too rich and creasy greens like poor ground.

These are the earliest of spring greens and they love the cooler weather. They’re not strong or bitter.

We have a market fairly close to home that brings in fresh produce weekly and we asked the owner of SuperValu on Rt. 460 if he could get some in and call us when they come in.  He called on Sunday afternoon and we went to pick them up.

The box they came in is about the size of banker’s box and held about 15 pounds of greens. The cost was $1.49 per pound or a whole box for $25.00 and we got the entire case.

Monday and Tuesday afternoon I washed them, washed them a second time (sand seems to hold fast to them) and then blanched them in a very large pot.

This is the largest stainless steel pot I own and I filled it to the top and put about an inch of water in the bottom of the pot.

I boiled it hard to blanch the greens and they cooked down to about a quarter of the bottom of the pot.  No salt or seasoning because I wanted to freeze them in quart bags.  I got six quarts out of the first cooking and four out of the second batch.  We had a large bowl of them for dinner last night and they were so good.

I can keep them in the freezer for about six months but they won’t last that long.  I froze just enough in each bag for a meal for the two of us.

We love them with pinto beans, fried potatoes, and cornbread!!  Great meal!

7 thoughts on “Preserving Season Has Begun Again

  1. tonytomeo

    Ah, it is starting. We have different greens here of course. The season for mustard lasts a brief while, because we can still get fresh new leaves as they continue to grow. Of course, they finish by the end of spring. They might go longer in other regions, but this is a chaparral climate. I do not freeze any, but have canned them. I suppose they would be better if frozen.


  2. Jane Fritz

    Rita, I love how you go looking for things to preserve before you have to because things are ripening quickly (although I do love cress). You put me to shame! 😏


  3. Just another day on the farm

    You are so far ahead of me in climate 🙂 Its snowing to the point that its white out there like awesome fluffy Christmas snow covering a already deep snow pack.. but in the house things are starting, I have my eye on a clean out for the little green house area, soon I will taking things in and out, out for the day, in for the night..

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    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I’m sure these greens came from down south some where but we’ll take anything we can get if it’s good and a good price. We won’t do maple syrup this year due to the damage to our maple trees and all the rain. If the weather stays like it is (I doubt) we could get asparagus and rhubarb early this year and maybe strawberries but we always have snows and ice in March and April. We haven’t ever had the rain like we’ve had in the last few months. Since September we have only had four dry weekends! Unheard of here.

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