Maple sugar time is upon us and because of the freaky weather we may not get to make any this year.  It’s either raining or icing our world and we’re sure the sap has come up but we’re expecting 20 degree weather over the weekend and next week.

This is a tree tapping we did last year.

Pints and quarts of heavenly fresh maple syrup in 2018

We’re still waiting on the heifers to drop their babes but have only had one of fourteen to calve so far.

The one little calf needs/wants a playmate so much.  Today he was running laps around his mom for fun!

Goodbye February!  We’re anticipating the March winds, have had enough showers so April can be semi-wet and bring in some of those beautiful May flowers!!!

6 thoughts on “SUGAR TIME

  1. tonytomeo

    Sugaring is perhaps the horticultural technique that I miss most in California. Bigleaf maple, the sugaring maple of the Pacific Northwest, happens to be native here, but there is not sugaring season. By the time the sap starts to flow, the buds are almost opening. I probably mentioned this earlier, but the little bit of syrup I got was just enough to prove my colleagues (who insisted it could not be done) wrong. I needed to get the sap very quickly!


  2. Carol Trutt

    I was wondering what was happening. Looking forward to some work 🙂 just had your wonderful maple sugar with homemade blueberry pancakes!!!



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