It all started last Thursday when my son got a call to come to New Jersey which he did immediately (8-10 hour drive).  Our little grandson was sick and his mom was too!  Before he could get there he got another call to meet them at the hospital.  We spent the weekend waiting for updates and finally he got to go home on Sunday.  We are so thankful to God that he and his Mom and Grandmother are all well now.

This is our two-year old grandson. He is more precious than life to his Mom, Dad and his Grandparents!

He is all we’ve been able to think about for the last ten days.

He took a visit to the hospital pediatric playroom on Friday and we thought he might get to come home sooner but he took a set-back during the night and Saturday. He was very impressed with their aquarium.

Nana and Papa love you Declan!!!

Thank you everyone for your prayers while his parents dealt with a very scary time with their little one!!

5 thoughts on “WACKY WEEK & WEEKEND

  1. Jane Fritz

    Not really a “Like”, Rita. So sorry you have been going through this scare. Nothing worse than a little one being sick and everyone else feeling so helpless. Warm wishes for a speedy recovery for everyone.


    1. tonytomeo

      I liked it anyway because it is polite. Yet, it is a difficult topic, and not one to like. It is bad enough for parents, and just as bad for grandparents who have two generations to worry about. I can not imagine why my parents think they got such a great assignment.


  2. Barbara

    I got a taste of your world when I was too sick to be with Declan in the hospital, and I treasured those pictures. Thank God for his parents! Shawn was such a big help with being there and sanitizing the house with Jennie. So thankful he didn’t catch that nasty virus!



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