The temps are dropping fast this afternoon and the wind is gusting from 20 – 30 mph at the moment. Tonight is supposed to be much worse. We’ll have the stove cranked up and the teakettle full!

We keep a kettle on the stove to put some moisture in the house.

We’ll be burning some seasoned wild cherry

with some green oak and dried walnut before we go to bed.

Right before we head to bed Eddie will fill the stove with some truly dried locust. This is wood has been drying for years out in the fields as fencing.

The past few years we’ve been and will probably continue to in the coming years be replacing all of the fencing on the farm.  The wire has rotted and posted broke off at the top of the ground.  We saved all of the locust post just for nights like tonight when the temps will be below zero when the wind is factored in.  The locust burns hot but slow which makes it hold overnight (almost) and we don’t have to get up every two hours to load the stove when the fire has burnt down.

Everyone stay warm tonight and don’t forget to bed all the farm animals down with extra food and hay to stay warm!!  Bring those pets indoors if you really love them!!


  1. tonytomeo

    We have completely different trees here. Madrone is very desirable, although no one seems to know why. It burns hot and fast, which I suppose is okay when one wants to warm the place up fast. There is not much ask. Our oaks work like oaks in other regions. Maple is probably the best, but also quite uncommon. (By maple, I mean the bigleaf maple. The box elder is also native here, but the wood is very different.) California bay is also quite good. Really though, we burn what we get. I hate to wast anything. As an arborist, I have access to all sorts of firewood that not much is known about. Much of it is not very good. Some is great. If necessary, we use Douglas fir, and if we need to get rid of it badly enough, we will even use redwood.



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