Back to Normal

Normal according to Webster’s is conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.  Well that is me on this first Monday in January 2019.  I didn’t sleep much last night because I was afraid I would oversleep on my first day back to a “normal” cleaning routine for clients that seem to want me back!  I never left but took a little break the last week of December and the first few days of January 2019.

I use a Mopnado mop and bucket my daughter bought me from Amazon and its fantastic. Your hands never touch dirty water.

I have six mopheads that are only used on one floor a week and I throw them in the washer at the end of the week to start clean and fresh every week.

My other bucket that follows me to each job is full of all of my favorite cleaning agents that are homemade or the best I’ve ever tried, all of which I use in my own home.

The blue bucket holds all of cleaning materials which I provide to my clients.  The only thing they provide is paper towels, if needed.

So, I’m back to normal as far as work is concerned, four days a week and usually home by 1:00 p.m.  After I get home I take care of home and farm chores helping the Mr. when I can and if he needs me.  Friday is my day on the farm!  Love my clients!



11 thoughts on “Back to Normal

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      We’re all human!! Happy New Year to you as well and looking forward to some news from you. The mop bucket can be found on Amazon or the Mopnado website which is overseas. You won’t regret getting one and the mopheads are great and so very washable!!!

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  1. tonytomeo

    I wrote briefly about my ‘temporary and part time’ job earlier. I seriously only took it until I was able to go back to work on the farm. The problem is that I enjoy it too much to leave! To make matters worse, I do not want to leave them without anyone there to do what I do. It is almost as excellent as working at the farm.


    1. Colin

      I think otherwise. With Mary Poppins speed with that rocket propelled Umbrella
      you’d be over here in seconds after you have given Eddie his breakfast. Flashed around my abode, then to the beach for sunbake and surf and back in Craig County for dinner preparations.


  2. Colin

    Well it is a bloody BIG pity that Craig County,Virginia, USA is so away from Terrigal, Australia.
    Due to my wretched back I am trying through agencies to get a cleaner to come – just a miserable once a month to vacuum and mop my abode. I am sure as my sisters have assured me that it would take about an hour to do.
    So far I have had no success…………..try a “Mary Poppins” and fly across, pretty please????
    You’ll have plenty of time to even go to the beach etc.



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