End of Deer Season

The final week of deer season ended yesterday and our freezers are full.  This year no trophies were taken because we felt we needed to thin the herds (5) due to the small does and too many of them.  We talked about this during the summer and decided the bucks were too small and does were very small and believe this is due to inbreeding.  They’ve had plenty to eat from the grasses and gardens in the summer and the nut crops in the fall.  Only the family participated in the hunts because most of the hunters were looking to kill trophies which there were very few so they hunted elsewhere.  My new crockpot and Instant pot have been keeping our bellies full!

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3 thoughts on “End of Deer Season

  1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

    It began with bow season in October, black powder and rifle in November and December, and bow season and black powder ending yesterday. We don’t have moose but hubby would love to be able to hunt them. He also loves grouse hunting but we just don’t have them anymore. We eat so good!


  2. Jane Fritz

    Deer season lasts into January? Wow, that couldn’t happen here; too much snow! You probably don’t have moose season! Rita, I am very impressed with your daily posts. I take back my doubts! 😊

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