A Quiet Day at the Farm

The only thing busy today are the birds at the feeding station and not very many of them!

It has been a quiet day at the farm with lots of fog, very little rain (thank goodness) and enough clouds to make it look like late afternoon, early evening.  Except for letting my hens and ducks out this morning and bringing enough wood to fill up the wood rack, I’ve spent the entire day inside writing letters.  I hope this is not a lost art because I love writing and receiving letters from friends and family that aren’t living close by.  This will be a short post today but I’m sticking to the challenge/resolution to fill my blog with things from the farm daily!  Have a blessed evening and we’ll catch up tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “A Quiet Day at the Farm

  1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

    Colin, I really worry that you have not been fed well and need to come to the farm and let me feed you “my way”!! You don’t know what you are missing with the eggs and the meat!! It’s all in how it’s cooked! My customers fight over my duck eggs which are nothing more than a very large hen egg!!
    We love our ducks and their antics and my drakes name is Donald! I need to find him some more girlfriends in the spring!!
    Come on over to the farm so I can fatten you up and rebuild your immune system!!!


  2. tonytomeo

    Our rain that was predicted to arrive just after midnight just started about two hours ago; a few hours late, but I am amazed at how accurate meteorology is nowadays anyway.


  3. Colin

    Hi – Appears you have got yourselves a new breed of chicken for egg laying duties.
    Brahma or Delaware breed???
    Have recovered from my wonderful trip to Noumea with 50 other family members – a reunion
    I suppose.
    Stinking hot here this morning but storms expected this afternoon – hopefully with no hail.
    Thanks for the Niagara Falls photos of Victoria and her parents. I have e-mailed you.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I got your email and responded to it.
      I have five Brahmas and three Silver Laced Wyandottes to the flock and all are large brown egg layers. They are supposed to start laying in February or March. In the spring I’m planning to add six of four different breeds so we don’t go next fall and winter getting only 2-3 eggs per day. I would have been completely out of eggs on several cold days this winter had it not been for my beautiful Pekin ducks. I plan to raise more of them as well and maybe some Bourbon Red turkeys.
      I’ve been cold for three days because of the lack of sun, too much rain and lots of clouds and fog. This weather sucks!!!


      1. Colin

        The predicted storms came with a fury. The temperature dropped like a rock
        as did a few large hail stones. From furnace to fridge in 30 minutes!
        Needless to say with my “non-existence” immune system, I now have
        a delightful bout of the sniffles! Ah the joys of aging.

        You may keep your Pekin Duck eggs – I presume you ONLY use
        them for cake making – not for eggs on toast????
        Cheers with no duck eggs – Pekin or any other breed – ha ha



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