Those Honery Creatures

During most of the summer of 2018 (when I wasn’t blogging much) I was working hard to make a rose garden in one corner of our front yard that gets sun most of the day.  It was hard work and a challenge to position all of them into one corner.

I’m thrilled with how the rose garden is blooming over and over this year.

There are over twenty different types and colors of roses in the bed and it looks a little different from the picture above because all of the non-roses were also dug up and moved to different areas of the yard inside and out.  Several of them survived the winter of 2017-18 due to the ice and creatures called wild rabbits!  They chewed the bark off of every rose in the yard!!

Bark eaten off of nearly every rose.

I meant to put up a barrier fence in the new rose bed during our first frost but never seemed to get around to it.  My procrastination proved to be maddening, the rabbits got to them before I did.  Immediately Eddie and I started putting up the barrier fence around the rose garden.

This is the same plastic fence we use around our garden to keep the deer and chickens out during growing season and take it down at the end of the growing season.

We have chain-linked fence around the yard so we only had to stake the fence around the roses from the inside of the yard.  I’m glad we found the damage before it was to far gone to save the roses.  We will be having Brunswick Stew if I catch the creatures getting through this!

Fencing barrier around the roses.

I think these are worth saving!!!

I absolutely love this color!Peach, orange and yellow, great idea for a quilt.

New rose in a beautiful deep pink/scarlett.

The wild rabbits killed most of my roses during the winter so my wonderful children gave me 10 new roses for Mother’s Day. This beauty is one of them.

Last years yellow rose is such a beauty and has just began blooming. It will be moved into my rose garden early fall.

5 thoughts on “Those Honery Creatures

  1. tonytomeo

    Our wildlife is not as destructive as it is in other regions. Rabbit damage is rare. Deer are a bother, but are not like the big deer or other grazing animals in other regions. However, I was VERY concerned when a neighbor tried to explain to me that the weird sounds around my home at night were Sasquatch!


  2. Barbara

    Just beautiful! Years ago, I had a Jackson & Perkins pink rose named Cynthia. Jennie and her cousin pulled it out “weeding” my garden (they were maybe 5 years old). J&P no longer carries it, but it was my all-time favorite.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I have so many and have forgotten their names but they’re all roses that the kids have bought for me the last four years. I have two old fashioned roses that were here when we moved in and they bloom a lot but the blossoms aren’t very big and they smell heavenly. Hoping to get more and fill up the yard with roses where the sun hits. The rest of the yard gets perennials due to the shade trees.



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