Happy New Year from Countrygirllifeonthefarm!!

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Wishing all a very happy, healthy and blessed 2019.

I closed 2018 with a busy and productive day and hope to do that with every day in 2019.  I started the day by dropping off eggs to a customer and proceeded with cleaning up the kitchen when I got back, laundry done and put away, did some computer file clean up, completed two hours worth of ironing, filled up my new crock pot with applesauce to be turned into applebutter,

First canning of 2019–Nine pints of Apple butter.

put four more rounds on a rug I’m making for the bathroom,

Crocheting a blue rag rug for our bathroom.

did stitching around two more blocks of my granddaughters Christmas quilt, cleaned up my closet and put together a large trash bag of clean clothes for the Thrift Store, and took care of my animals.  It was a busy day but not a “wear me out” day!  It was also 52* when we went to bed and 55* when we got up this morning.  Crazy, considering in 2018 on this date it was 9*!

Today was spent preparing a grocery list after fixing a big breakfast.  While I brought firewood in the house hubby fed the cattle and let the birds out of their houses.  I have 38 chickens and three ducks, we get FOUR chicken eggs a day and one duck egg. I’m not upset about this because two weeks ago I wasn’t getting any eggs except from the ducks.  My plan is to get more chicks and ducklings in the spring and maybe a turkey poult or two.

I really feel good about this post because I’m hoping to post one everyday or at least one a week for 2019 as my blog was sorely neglected in 2018.  This is a start to my 2019 resolutions!!  More to come, I promise!!

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Countrygirllifeonthefarm!!

  1. Jennie Arnold

    Wow! You are quite an inspiration to me! I aim to be more productive this coming new year and learn more about canning, preserving and being more self-sufficient in these crazy days we live in. Thanks and looking forward to reading more of your posts.


      1. tonytomeo

        We will be getting rain any moment now. It is only the third storm of the season, and will be followed by a few days of rain. In our climate, it is something to be celebrated.


  2. Betty Charlton

    Well written, entertaining and uplifting. I usually don’t read these but couldn’t resist this one because of the blogger/writer. Will save this and show it to the head lady tomorrow morning. Good job and lots of fun.


  3. Jane Fritz

    I was so glad to see this post, Rita. I was thinking of sending you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year email, thinking that maybe you were under the weather. Clearly, you’re not, not when you are accomplishing all that! Canning already on New Rea’s Day; you’re wearing me out just reading about it! Posting every day would be scary, but once a week or once every two weeks would be great. I wish you and your family joy and peace in 2019. I’m glad we connected through blogging. Happy New Year!


  4. Barbara

    Wow! A farmer’s work is never done 🙂 Best wishes to you and the family for all the best in 2019! I’m nursing a cold and didn’t do a blessed thing today except the usual — made my bed, took a shower, cleaned my sink and dishpan, did a little writing and a little crocheting. Our boy is under the weather too — not an auspicious beginning for the year.



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