It started and quickly stopped

On June 7th we finally got a break from the rain that saturated the ground.  Eddie headed to a small meadow that is in front of our house.

On June 7th, hay harvest season officially begins and the rain is over for almost two weeks.

Thankfully before it broke down one field was cut, season, tetted, raked and baled.

Eddie cut it down, Heather tetted and raked and Eddie baled it without getting it wet one time!!

Beautiful 4 x 4 bales that the cattle will love come wintertime!!

He moved on to a field that we normally pasture but this spring the grass is waist-high to my tall farmer and he didn’t want the cattle moved on it to only eat the short under-growth and waste the chance for a few extra bales in the haylot.  THEN EVERYTHING CAME TO A HALT!!

After three rounds of mowing in the field this major piece of equipment, called a haybine, had a major meltdown.

There are two rollers with heavy rubber that looks like big tire rubber under the outer frame of the haybine.  One end of the bottom roller had some heavy damage and the hay started wadding up between and on the end of the roller causing bearings to burn up.  No hay made for two weeks waiting for that roller replacement to come in and a half day to replace it on the machine. Eddie had the awesome help of our farming neighbor, Andy Hutton, to fix the haybine!   The parts to repair cost  almost $4000.  No farming is NOT cheap.  While waiting on the parts to come in, Eddie called other farm equipment dealers and talked to other farmers to find out what kind of an ordeal he was in for and no one had EVER heard of a roller wearing out!!

Anyway, the equipment is repaired and we’re ready to roll on the hayfields again but we have to wait for our next four days of rain to come in and move out!!  Life goes on!!






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