Back on Top

I’ve been out of touch for a bit (two weeks) due to a bronchial infection brought on by all the pollen in the air but I’m back up and running!  Here’s a touch of things that have gone on while I was down.

I’m thrilled with how the rose garden is blooming over and over this year.

The old-fashioned white rose began blooming last week. They open pink and then turn white. It’s so pretty.

Last years yellow rose is such a beauty and has just began blooming. It will be moved into my rose garden early fall.

The hostas have outdone themselves again this summer.

We got both gardens planted and they’re doing well. We have onions, cucumbers, squash, cabbage. broccoli, green beans, and corn in the garden at the house and the garden over at the mansion has white potatoes, sweet potatoes, green peppers and tomatoes. The deer are making it hard for the sweet potatoes to produce because they’re finding ways to get to them even when we surround each plant with chicken wire, and we put a perimeter fence within the garden around the plants and they still ate them off Sunday night.

A new rug crocheted for a classmate I graduated with. I finished it while I was sick!  She has a red kitchen like mine.

A new tractor was introduced to the farm.

The heifers were introduced to their first boyfriend.

The garden at the house was reduced this year in hopes of getting rid of the Colorado potato beetles by rotating the potatoes, peppers and tomatoes.

5 thoughts on “Back on Top

  1. Colin

    You have my complete sympathy with your allergies.
    I, due to that wretched cerebral malaria courtesy of those
    PNG mosquitoes, have a nose a la Niagara Falls, aches
    all over with this horrible winter weather. Summer can’t come
    quick enough. No wonder in my younger days I migrated above
    the Equator for the winter months – ha ha.

    Your gardens look great as do the young heifers.
    Good to know you are on mend.
    Your Aussie mate


  2. shirley dixon

    Yes it is dry and hot ! Glad you are feeling better don,t work too much ! I haven,t been doing much lazy and too hot lol Larry was gonna come by thurs if this one went to mow but think it,s gonna rain just my luck lol love you


  3. Carol Trutt

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I’ll be in touch soon about seeing each other. I have some things coming up once everything gets quiet I’ll come out for a nice visit my friend. Love you



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