From Inside the House

This morning we woke to snow on top of last weeks snow but we had a beautiful blue sky.  Last week we got about 10 inches of snow and the most we’ve had all winter. Over half had melted and this morning we woke to five more inches on top of the leftovers.  It was 25* when we woke this morning and now its 38* now.  The best part – we didn’t lose any calves this time.  Here’s a touch of our beauty in western Virginia and Craig County on the mountain:

It’s melting now and by mid-week we’ll be in the 60’s and rain.  It will be a sloppy mess but needed for our crops and gardens.  We haven’t had snow like this for a couple of years and we all knew it was time.  I’m not saying the spring snows are over but sure hope they are.

We have six more cows to calve from our spring herd and these mom’s and their little ones could sure use a break.

My chickens don’t like the snow either and a few got trapped under the grainery last night and refused to walk through the snow to their warm house but it looks like they all survived and are ready to see some green grass and mud!

Everyone be safe and spring is here even though it doesn’t look like it!!!


13 thoughts on “From Inside the House

  1. tonytomeo

    With that ‘outside’, I would be ‘inside’ too!
    Our spring is nearing completion. Despite the earlier warm weather, some things managed to delay premature bloom, so bloomed right on time. Flowering cherries are still in color.


      1. Jane Fritz

        We got 16” from the one nearly two weeks ago (when we were happily in the Dominican Republic with our family) and then somehow avoided the one earlier this week completely except for the wind. We were really lucky, because just down the road and to the east of us they got another 6-7”. What a crazy season, especially for VA. Strange enough to see that much snow in NYC.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I know from being up north you are used to this all the time, winter and spring. We were prepared but it’s hard to prepare the cattle. If we put them in the barns and sheds there’s the good possibility that the little ones will be hurt or killed by the full grown cows. Mother’s that go into labor have their little ones right in the mix of all the others and those babes don’t have much of a chance for mom to clean them up and get them out of the way of the others. The mama’s usually head for the shelter of the trees to protect their little ones so we just don’t mess with Mother Nature.



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