Have you noticed how expensive simple things in the grocery have gotten!
I love and have used Dove soap for years. My doctor had told me one time that it was the mildest soap on the market. I grew to love the Dove Bodywash too but too expensive to buy most of the time.  So after doing some searching on the internet and doing some experimenting, I now make my own bodywash.  Here’s how:

First I saved three of the last bottles of bodywash that I bought.

I usually make a double batch which takes six bars of Dove soap. Other brands may make a thicker batch or thinner batch.  The ratio of the mixture is three bars of soap to six cups of water.

I have an old vegetable grater that I use to grate the bars of soap. PLEASE, if you decide to make this, keep all of your utensils in a separate place from your kitchen. I can’t imagine eating soapy coleslaw or any other food!! YUCK!!!

When you are working on your last bar of soap, place a stainless steel pan on the stove with six cups of water and boil hard. I use tap water because we have a well that takes care of our water needs with no chlorine or any other chemicals. When you finish grating that last bar of soap, dump it in the boiling water, stir with a wooden spoon and then take the pot off the heat. Let it cool and stir occasionally while it is cooling! My house smells so good while I’m making this. I let it set in my laundry room because it’s really cool in there year round.






















When completely cool, I use a funnel to pour it into the saved body wash bottles and I store it under my bathroom sink.

I love the results and my skin is so soft without spending a fortune!  Try it!!



















































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