Last Day of January 2018

Can you believe it’s the last day of January?? I spent the morning do normal indoor chores like, sweeping and mopping the floors, making the bed, two loads of laundry and other minor jobs after having breakfast with the Mister!  I got pork tenderloin out of the freezer for dinner and then saw that the temperature had risen to 40* and no wind.  OUTSIDE I GO!!!

We’re still in for some cold weather and hopefully some snow because our pastures, yard, hayfields, just the earth in general needs a good soak before spring really appears!  I knew I had some pruning to do on some fruit trees but the grapes needed it worst than the others.

A tangled mess of four vines that have been planted two years and I’m expecting big things from this year.

In order to get those beautiful grapes they need to be pruned each year.  Grapes grown on new stems each year!

This end of the arbor holds grapes that we started from an old vine on the farm. They are blue, not real big but so sweet. The vines usually provide a lot of grapes!

I use some wonderful little hand pruners on all of the small vines, trees and my rose bushes.  It’s very important to sterilize them and I use just plain old rubbing alcohol.  It took about an hour but they’re all trimmed and now we wait!  While waiting we pray for no late frosts to kill them.

Hubby thinks I scalped them but from past experience I know I’ll have more grapes and if Mother Nature cooperates they’ll be bigger grapes.

They’re thinned of their old bearing branches and the only thing left to do is tighten the arbor lines that we made from plastic covered clothes line. It tends to stretch each year but is easy to tighten.

After I finished pruning the grapes I went around the garden and trimmed suckers and water sprouts off the green gage, peach, pear and blue plums.  The big job will be trimming the apple trees which seem to get less attention each year but I’m going to get what I can from the ground and hope for some help with the higher branches.

I am so ready to start growing something!!!


9 thoughts on “Last Day of January 2018

  1. Jane Fritz

    Wow, pruning things on January. From eastern Canada, blanketed in snow, I can only “watch”in awe. I don’t want to know when you think you can start planting!! 😉 Rita, I’m delighted to hear that you’ve got two quilts on the go! 🙂


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      Around here you do all of your pruning in the winter and preferably before the sap starts returning to the upper body of the trees and vines. Grapes especially will bleed out and die if you wait until it’s warmer. We usually make our maple syrup in February and/or March when the first thaws begin and the sap begins to run back up the tree. I’m afraid we’re going to get our first real blanket of snow this weekend. We’ve only had an inch or two so far this winter but we’ve had plenty of biting cold! You stay warm and we’ll both wait for spring!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol Trutt

    I’m done with the cold! I want to get out and get my hand in some dirt 🙂 I had cute back my grapes in the fall. I just never have any great luck with them because by the time I get to them all the beetles have been at them. We tried Diatomaceous Earth but that didn’t see to work and the beetle catchers just draw them in. Any suggestions Lady?


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I do all of my pruning in the winter when the sap is down. As for the beetles, my roses get hit hard by them but the last two years Spectracide in a red pump bottle at Lowes has been my go to and they’re gone in just a couple hours.


  3. Barbara

    Never looked forward to spring more than this year! I can’t get used to this driving in the dark. You sure do manage to keep busy, my friend!


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      We try to make sure we’re home before it’s dark. The oncoming bright lights blind both of us!!
      I’m not busy enough in the winter months except for my small animals and embroidery and crocheting. Right now working on two quilts at one time, but mainly at night while watching TV!!



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