It’s Been A Year

I still can’t believe she’s gone and still get weepy when I think of her. Our Cocker Spaniel, Sassy, died a year ago today and we’re so sad.  Eddie bought her for me as a puppy in 2004 and she has been our baby ever since.






Rest in peace my beautiful girl!!


14 thoughts on “It’s Been A Year

  1. Robin

    Ohhh It’s never quite the same after we lose them, is it. Maggie passed eight years ago and I still use her name when I’m calling one of our girls now. You have wonderful photos and memories, and I’m thankful that you shared them with us.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      We had another Cocker before Sassy by the name of Precious and she was the same color as Sassy but with a little more white on chest and forehead. We grieved for her for about five or six years before Sassy came into our lives. Both were our babies and both broke our hearts when they were gone. It’s just so hard going through that and almost like losing my parents. They are and always will be our babies!! I’m sure Maggie was loved just as ours were!


  2. Vickie

    These are great pictures of Sassy. I am so happy that she got to live her life with you, and you with her. I miss my little pug, Ginger, also. Our fur babies always find ways into our hearts, where they will stay forever. God bless and Hugs.


  3. Carol Trutt

    Oh Rita – I remember Sassy so well! I just love all your pictures even the ones with the dead squirrels 🙂 but my favorite one is Sassy with the fawn – love that one!

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