Cold & Flu Season

It’s that time of year again and flu season has hit my area hard. Everyone you talk to is getting a cold, sinus issues or the flu, even pneumonia.

I’ve heard it said in the past that if we could get a really cold winter it would kill a lot of the germs in the air.  I think this is an old wives tale.  This winter for us has been the coldest I’ve recorded since 2014 and yet so many people, young and old, have or had the flu.  My sister-in-law was quarantined to her apartment at the retirement home where she lives for two weeks and their meals were brought in by nurses.  The first week she had a cold and the next week everyone in the facility was quarantined due to the flu and pneumonia.  She is well now but anxious to get out of her apartment.


Last year I started using a cleaner in my house on all the doors, windows, the kitchen and bath that I think has helped us from getting anything along with the fact that we haven’t gone out in public much.  My cleaner is a version of Clorox Cleanup.   Here is what you will need:

1/2 cup of bleach

2 1/2 cups of water

Industrial strength spray bottle

Mix together in the spray bottle and use a clean cloth to wipe all the germs away.Houseables Spray Bottle Cleaner, Plastic, 24 Oz. Professional Sprayer, Adjustable Nozzle, Pack of 3

NOTE: You must have an industrial spray bottle because the bleach will deteriorate the pump sprayer in just a few uses. I bought three of the bottles because I also use them for other homemade cleaners I use on a daily basis. Here’s the link to the ones I purchased:


I hope everyone stays healthy and warm.  We’re having another cold snap with frigid air and only an inch of snow but by the weekend we’re told it’ll be in the 50* range again.

8 thoughts on “Cold & Flu Season

  1. Gorden was telling me this is one of the worse flu seasons because the strain of bacteria is completely different from the shot we had. This one people are dying within a few days! Crazy! Of course this is the very first year I decided to get a flu shot too! Everyone just take care of yourself!


    • One of my blogging friends knows of a 10 year old that got it one day and two days later had died. It’s horrible. My friend in Maryland had it for two weeks and pneumonia. I’ve been taking the flu shot for several years now but this friend was going to get another one as soon as she can get out on her doctors advice. Aside from going to see Dean I don’t go much but I sure wash my hands alot with wipes when I’m out and make sure our bathroom and any door knobs and such are wiped clean with my cleaner. I have an aunt that finished chemo and her immune system is non-existent and now has the flu. I’m so worried about her.


      • I wonder sometimes what’s going on in our world. Are humans just not listening to what the planet is saying and it’s coming back at us. This is a good conversation for us when I see you again! Keep using the wipes and washing your hands 🙂
        That’s not good about your aunt. I hope the doctors are monitoring her.


  2. Here on the Missouri – Kansas border we are inundated with the flu also. I was delighted to see a fellow bleach lover. I think we are becoming a dying breed. Thanks for the Clorox Clean-Up recipe, I’ll be using it from now on.

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  3. This is a scary flu season. I don’t know if you have seen it but a boy whose brother played in a hockey tournament my son was in here in Buffalo has died at 10 years old after contracting the flu. The hospital he was taken to here is one of the best in the area and I’m not sure why he was released by a doctor or his parents wanting to get him home, but he died before they made the 7 hour drive home. This scares me beyond belief. Now the 12 year old brother has it but hopefully will be ok as he’s in the hospital. We too have had incredibly frigid temps so hoping that helps in our area if it’s true. This boy came here from his home area sick he did not contract it here. I pray a blessing of health over my family at night and in the morning!

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