Racing With My Love

In our house dating was almost a thing of the past until this summer.  Eddie and I have had several off the farm dates and hope to have more.  We are both race fans and attend Shelor Motor Mile Speedway to watch our favorite racer, Michael Looney.  If you haven’t been to a race before this is where you should start!

Motor Mile Speedway 

The races start in early summer and end in September.  Mike Looney was one of my Cub Scouts a few years ago and I thoroughly enjoy watching his success behind the wheel in the Late Model Stock Car heats. Michael placed 2nd in points at the end of the 2017 season.

Eddie and I only found time to go to two races at Motor Mile Speedway this past summer but enjoyed every minute and we followed Michael on to Martinsville in September 23rd to watch him compete against about 80 other competitors.

A gorgeous day for a race!

Michael’s car was crushed near the end of the race after he had moved into 9th place and was moving to the front!! He did not get hurt but we were all crushed that he was knocked out of the race!!

The stands were packed!

The weather was cold and windy! Eddie and I both were shivering and waiting for the end of the last 20 laps so we could go to our hotel! 















Then on October 29th we went back to Martinsville to the NASCAR race!!  We had a great time and we owe this trip to some very good friends of our that won the tickets but don’t like racing!!  Thank you Jo and Rusty!!!  We spent the night at The Dutch Inn where we stayed on our first honeymoon back 45 years ago!!! It was a fabulous date!

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won the race in 2016!

8 thoughts on “Racing With My Love

  1. suz

    we’ve been race fans since my older brother took my twin and i to a local stock car race for our 11th or 12th birthday. i’m 67 now, so i’ve forgotten which exact birthday it was, lol. then my parents got hooked and we went to various tracks in ohio and pa for quite a few years. all but one of those tracks are gone now, but my twin eventually built and raced a sprint car (outlaw) for a few years at a couple of the tracks that survive. now my twin just goes to local races and we both watch nascar, ’cause we were always dale sr. fans (one of my cats is named the punkin-ator after him) and fans of the blaneys, as they are originally from ohio. now we have ryan blaney to cheer for in nascar. my older brother and his son, who live in florida, still hit some of the southern tracks a few times a year. –suz in NE ohio



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