Making Calendars

For the last four or five years I have enjoyed making personal calendars for my family and it’s a gift that they can enjoy all year-long.  I’ve started calendars for this year but they are a work in progress.

I have an old computer program that I got years ago called “Greeting Card Factory”  and I use it to format my calendars and I also use it when I want to make “special greeting cards.  It’s awesome and I’m not sure there is a newer version on the market or not.

Once I get the main format set up I can add photos, special dates, different fonts,  and the list goes on and on.

This is an image of a month I did for my Granddaughter last Christmas. I had all sorts of photos on it of her and her animals. I think she liked it!!

The format is so easy to use and I use all sorts of special papers with the calendar as well but most of the pages are using card stock.

This apparatus is used to punch holes in the pages so they flip easily.

The plastic coil that holds the calendar together fits on this apparatus making it easy to put the calendars together.






























Calendars are great stocking stuffers and as I said previously they’re a gift your family and friends can enjoy all year round!!  Adding family birth dates and anniversaries is a great addition and make the calendar date blocks a little large makes for a day planner, too!!












2 thoughts on “Making Calendars

  1. Seasonsgirl

    I love to make calendar’s too for my family and hubbys… so fun 🙂 Love how you make yours 🙂 Happy almost Thanksgiving 🙂



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