Laundry Room Redo

A cluttered mess is what my laundry room has been for way too long!  In June I took the bull by the horns and completed a redo in about three days.  Some history of the laundry room includes the fact that it was used as a milk room back when we were children.  It includes a cement trough that was used to hold spring house water to keep milk cold until the dairy truck arrived to pick up the milk.  It houses a hand dug well at the end of the trough that is about 12 feet deep and covered with a concrete top.  When we moved into the house this well was still used but we had a new well dug shortly after moving in.  The room has had nothing done to it until I retired two (almost three) years ago!!

A total mess but I knew where everything was!! EMBARRASSING!

The concrete sink was used to keep milk cold back in the day!

Cluttered and disorganized

That ugly green door!!
















First I emptied all I could move myself out of the room.  Then I swept down the ceiling, wall, sink and floor.  Next I bought two gallons of paint, one with primer and one was semi-gloss white.  I wanted everything to be brighter and cleaner!

Clean white walls and ceiling, sink and shelving painted and peel and stick tile on the floors.  No more “green door”, brighter work area, and I like doing my laundry in there now!

Organization is the key to a very small room!! It’s still full but anyone should be able to turn around in it and find what they’re in need of!!!

One more item off the retirement bucket list!!!

5 thoughts on “Laundry Room Redo

  1. Vickie

    Haha – I know exactly what you mean about something being a cluttered mess, but knowing where everything is! It’s amazing what a little bit of paint and elbow grease can do. Congrats on getting another bucket item crossed off the list!

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