The Beauty of Butterflies

My butterfly bush was an especially beautiful treat today! Very few blooms at the moment but the butterflies stayed on it all day.









The sedum was found with sweet nectar as well!




Everything blooming was covered with a honeybee preparing for winter!

5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Butterflies

  1. Carol Trutt

    I had to cut my butterfly bush back. It looked pitiful! How old is yours? I think mine is on it’s last leg. I think I’ll plant a new one. I saw you called but I just heard you say my name and that was the end of the message. I was sick all weekend came back to work yesterday. I thought I’d come out this coming weekend but then something came up. I’ll call to talk about it or maybe just come out the following weekend. Are you coming to town for any reason? Maybe we can do lunch 🙂 Miss you!


  2. Colin

    Very nice but sad for me to see.
    Here in Australia thanks to the idiot bureaucrat who in
    1912 introduced the wretched INDIAN MYRAH bird into
    Australia to eat wheat weevils in Western Australia
    and these birds didn’t like the weevils!!!!
    Anyhow these murderous birds are now all over Australia,
    they breed faster than Guinea Pigs and rats etc.
    All small native birds have been killed and as for the
    butterflies………….now a miracle if you see one.
    All eaten or just killed (read ripped to pieces) by
    these birds.
    Be vigilant that no stupid person gets/brings them as
    so called cage birds or pets to the USA.
    You can forget your bird feeders………..feeders
    without birds!
    Vigilance, is the name of the game.
    PS: Hope you got the travel news??????



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