Wild Rabbit Comeback

I went out and bought tame rabbits last year and now the wild rabbit population has exploded on the farm.
I love watching them and now the farm is alive with all sizes. I’m sure the coyotes, eagle, hawks and owls will keep the population in check though.

Fortunately for them we have lots of briar patches for them to hide in from predators.

Who couldn’t love that face!!! She never did run.

5 thoughts on “Wild Rabbit Comeback

  1. Colin

    They (rabbits) are the curse of the farming community here in Australia.
    They are NOT native to Australia…………we can thank (????) the
    damn POMS for bringing them out for the foxes that they also inflicted
    on us in years to come……………FOX HUNTING FRATERNITY of
    the military and the ruling class from day one!

    Nice fine day here today but I will be VERY happy when September arrives – SPRING!!!!
    This really is my first winter since I moved to Qld in 1980 and when in West Wyalong, NSW in the 70’s, like all sensible people I went north above the Equator for at least 6 weeks of the freeze of West Wyalong.
    PS: Looks like your farm is going along at great success this summer for you.


    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I remember you telling me before that rabbits were the scurge of Australia but that is not the case in our neck of the woods. So far they’ve not bothered our garden and I think the fox, owl, hawk and coyote population keep the numbers down.



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