Fresh raspberries

They’re wild and ripening!

Black raspberry bushes behind our garage.

We’re thinking ice cream and jelly, nothing to beat fresh made ice cream with raspberries mixed in. I have to pick them daily because the chickens have found the stash and are eating what they can reach. We’ve picked about a gallon so far and should get at least that many more from this small patch.

First pickings cleaned and ready for the freezer.

There’s three clumps of wild raspberries behind our garage. They’ll be gone before we know it.

There’s an old freezer filled with scrap metal sitting in the middle of the clumps. Next year I hope the freezer and old metal will be gone and the bushes spread with more delicious fruit.

When I clean them, I drain all of the water off and spread them out on a cookie sheet. Once they’re frozen I put all of them in large Ziploc freezer bags. They stay loose and I can take out a cup or whatever my recipe needs and reseal the rest. The bags don’t take up a lot of freezer space. In the winter if I want to make jam it’s very convenient to take out just what’s needed. We like to put them on a bowl of ice cream and it only takes a couple of minutes to thaw them just for the ice cream.  How about a fruit cobbler hot out of the oven in the wintertime!



6 thoughts on “Fresh raspberries

    1. countrygirllifeonthefarm Post author

      I started strawberries this year in large tractor tires and they were doing great until a mama doe decided they looked good before I could get a cover over them. Eddie has promised to make me some raised beds inside the garden before next spring and I’ll move them. So far our plastic snow fence (green) is hold them at bay from the garden.



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