Spring flowers are changing

As spring changes to summer so do the flowers in our yard.  The beautiful iris bloom is  dwindling fast.


















As the iris fade the peonies start showing off their beauty!








As beautiful as they are, more beauty is budding to take their place!

The majestic roses are starting to bud and burst into astounding beauty in so many colors.








I’ve worked hard since moving here 15+ years ago to have an ever-blooming yard of color.  I think it’s been worth the hard work and determination.  I’m including some more of the beauty that is showing now.

Balloon flower in full bloom.

Balloon flower in bud stage and where it got its name.

A new addition to my garden and I have no idea what it’s called. The bloom is about 3 inches across but it’s only about five inches tall.

The Sweet William is getting fuller and more beautiful and sits in front of my rose garden.





























But we can’t forget the natural beauty out in the fields!

The ever beautiful daisy which I love to make a crown of when we have small children on the farm.

I have no idea what this is but some of our fields are full of the little bell-shaped white flower. The honeybees love them too!











Go for a walk every chance you get and enjoy the beauty provides us everyday!


6 thoughts on “Spring flowers are changing

  1. Robin

    They’re gorgeous! I love seeing the flowers. Our peonies are weeks behind yours, and our lilies that are in bloom now are only that far along because we just bought them. Thanks for sharing such beauty with us!


  2. Barbara Malone

    Peonies always remind me of my mom. They were her favorites. My dad was a sunflower man 🙂 And they both loved daisies.



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