Blackberries In Full Bloom

Unless our summer turns really dry we are going to have a bazillion blackberries this year!!!  I’ll can them, freeze them, make jams and jellies, make some blackberry wine and juice and share with our friends. Here’s a few pictures of our wild patches of blackberries that the honeybees and other bees are making good use of now from the bloom.

These vines in the past except for last year produced huge blackberries.

These vines are in Barker Hollow and across a spring that comes out of the mountain in front of our house.

This is a small patch right beside Barker Hollow road and look very prolific so far.

These are easy to reach from both sides of the fence.

This patch is on the opposite side of that little field where the little barn sits.

The fenceline below the little barn is covered with the vines.

This is going to be the summer of fruit for us unless Mother Nature takes a severe turn. The only fruit that didn’t make it through the last frost was our pear trees.  Apples, peaches, plums, rhubarb, and  berries are abundant and   I will be a busy farm woman!!



5 thoughts on “Blackberries In Full Bloom

  1. Chase & Chance's Mom

    We lost a huge blackberry bush (our main bush we purchased years ago) to a wind storm in February. We still have a few of the “offspring” bushes left. Hoping they produce as well as our main one. You sure will be busy with all of those bushes!


  2. Vickie

    Over here in California we are having the same awesome bloom! We have been in a severe drought for years and finally we got a very (extremely) wet winter. Our fruit trees and the berries are going nuts! Oh, and so are the nuts 😉 I have never made blackberry wine before and would love to learn, so it would be lovely if you would do a post on how you make it… please?


  3. Barbara Malone

    OMG! This is not the first time I’ve wished I lived closer 🙂 I LOVE blackberries — and I’ll bet they’d make wonderful jam! My mom always made blackberry preserves, but I wouldn’t know where to find them these days. Enjoy!!



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